• From this Tuesday, the vaccination pass will now only be valid for four months instead of seven in the event of no booster dose or recent contamination.

  • According to the Ministry of Health, more than four million French people would be affected.

  • Note that the rule of “one infection = one injection” remains valid, it allows people vaccinated and infected with the coronavirus to keep their pass thanks to their recovery certificate.

The rules are still changing.

Difficult to follow the calendar of health restrictions for the French as the changes are frequent.

While the nightclubs reopen their festive doors on Wednesday, the vaccination pass is changing from this Tuesday.

For those who hold the sesame in the form of a QR code, the situation could change, because the booster dose must now have been carried out only four months after the end of the complete vaccination schedule.

The deadline was up to now seven months.

How many French people concerned?

According to the latest report from health authorities dated February 15, 37.5 million French people received a booster dose and 46 million were vaccinated more than four months ago.

Knowing that a good number of French people were infected less than three months ago, the authorities estimate between 4 and 4.5 million, the number of French people likely to lose their vaccination pass for lack of a reminder or infection.

Barring exceptions, all of these people are therefore affected by this change in rule.

What are the exceptions?

First, people who received the Janssen single-dose vaccine after contamination with Covid-19.

For them, it is necessary "to make a reminder no later than two months after my injection", specifies the Ministry of Health.

Teenagers aged 16 and 17, who can receive a booster dose since January 24, are not required to do a booster to keep their vaccination pass.

Finally, children aged 5 to 15 are not subject to the vaccination pass.

In places where the “vaccination pass” is required, they will be able to continue to present a “sanitary pass” including a negative PCR or antigen test of less than twenty-four hours, indicates the General Directorate of Health.

Who should do what?

If the French “covidés” can ignore the reminder, the complete vaccination schedule remains imposed.

In detail, in the event of contamination with Covid-19, the French must receive a dose four months after infection.

If they were infected before their first dose, they must take the second four months after the first, like other citizens.

#Covid19 |

From today:

➕ the booster dose must be carried out 3 months after the initial #vaccination (last dose or infection) and within a maximum of 4 months, to keep a valid

#PasseVaccinal ➕ the recovery certificate will be valid for 4 months

– Health Insurance (@Assur_Maladie) February 15, 2022

The rule of “one infection = one injection” remains valid.

Announced by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran at the beginning of February, it allows people vaccinated and infected with the coronavirus to keep their pass thanks to their recovery certificate.

However, if you want to take the opportunity to pack your bags and enjoy the sun outside France, be careful.

Because, to “leave the national territory, the vaccination reminder must be done to have a valid vaccination certificate”, underlines the Ministry of Health, even in the event of infection with the coronavirus.

How do I reactivate a pass that is no longer valid?

If your pass has been deactivated, don't panic.

After getting a booster dose or certificate of recovery, you can restore your QR code to full power.

Just go to the Health Insurance website.

By accessing your health space, you will then find your new QR code as well as a European vaccination certificate.

You can then simply print it or save the document to your phone.

It is also possible to flash the QR code directly in the TousAntiCovid government application to bring your pass back to life.

However, you must wait seven days before proceeding: before that, the pass will not be valid to go to the places that require it.

Can we hope for the end of the vaccination pass?

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal estimated last Wednesday that there were “reasons to hope” that “at the end of March-beginning of April we can lift the vaccination pass”, due to the improvement in the health situation.

A position shared by the "mister vaccine" of the executive, Alain Fischer, on the condition that the incidence rate turns out to be "ten or 20 times lower" than currently, that the hospital overload is coming to an end and that a very high proportion of French people are vaccinated.

Hope is therefore authorized for the French, exhausted by two years of pandemic.

While waiting to see it, they can always reassure themselves on Wednesday by leaning on a bar to nibble on a piece of cheese, a practice hitherto prohibited.


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