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Many invoke her as the

queen of crime

, the writer who laid the foundation for the


(the story of a murder and the investigations that lead to solving who committed it).

Others continue to consider it as the most


and artificial vestige of the genre, pure archeology of the detective story.

In any case,

Agatha Christie

is still as present in popular culture as she was in the middle of the last century, either as the second best-selling author in the world only behind


, or as the instigator of endless adaptations, nods and contemporary tributes, albeit through pastiche and parody.

This is the case of

The Afterparty

(Apple TV +), a comedy series in which each episode adopts a different genre to recount the hours prior to a crime according to the version of each of the suspects.

After a reunion of old high school buddies (who hasn't dreamed of getting revenge years later on that obnoxious desk neighbor?), the only one of them who has achieved

pop star

status invites the others to a party in his obscenely luxurious Mansion.

The night ends with this double of

Justin Bieber

falling off a cliff and the police reviewing the contradictory testimonies of eight of those present, each more delusional.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, responsible for

The LEGO Movie

and The

Classroom Breaker

, are responsible for this


that never gets off the ground except at specific moments -the musical episode-, perhaps because it tries too hard to be funny without achieving it most of the time. of the times

A crime, no doubt.

Those who are not kidding are the characters in

The Appeal

, the first novel by

Janice Hallet,

which these days is arriving in Spanish bookstores thanks to Ático de los Libros after becoming a


in the UK.

The twist that Hallet proposes in the investigation of a murder committed in the idyllic English village of Lockwood -Agatha Christie likes this- is to invite the reader to

act as a detective

through the emails,

SMS and WhatsApps

that are sent the main suspects, members of an amateur theater company involved in raising funds for the treatment of a sick girl.

The author mixes the epistolary novel with a


whodunit not exempt from bad milk, with the

clues scattered

like the crumbs of Tom Thumb.

The documents do not offer the full account of what happened, there are gaps and omissions more eloquent than pages and pages of apparently inconsequential chatter, and in solving the mystery these silences are crucial clues to unravel the plot.

And so we come to a direct adaptation of Christie's,

Death on the Nile

, which hits theaters on February 18 after two years of delays and cancellations, including one of its leads,

Armie Hammer

, for his alleged

cannibalistic tendencies

- Hannibal Lecter likes this.


Kenneth Brannagh

assuming the direction and the role of Hercule Poirot, as he did in

Murder on the Orient Express

, the film bets everything on its cast (

Gal Gadot, Annette Benning

, Letitia Wright, Sophie Okonedo...) and is shipwrecked. with all of the law.

So much so that it converts the 1978 version, with Peter Ustinov,

David Niven, Bette Davis

and company, in a masterpiece.

Comparisons are hateful, but also revealing.

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