China News Agency, Los Angeles, February 13 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) The latest North American box office statistics were released on the 13th, and the new "Death on the Nile" premiered and became popular, ranking in the latest North American weekend box office rankings Take the lead.

  February 13 coincides with the 2022 NFL Championship Game.

The event, also known as the "Super Bowl", is the most attractive event of the day with a large number of fans attending live or watching TV broadcasts every year.

Therefore, every "Super Bowl" weekend, the North American film market will usher in the off-season of the box office.

  According to the North American box office statistics website, the 26-film North American weekend (February 11 to 13) box office reported about $52.32 million, down 12.3% from the previous month.

"Murder on the Nile," "Marry Me," and "Blacklight," are the only three new faces in this North American weekend box office top ten.

  The crime suspense drama "Murder on the Nile" launched by 20th Century Films is adapted from the classic mystery novel by the famous British writer Agatha Christie. This work was put on the big screen twice in 1978 and 2004.

  The new version of "The Massacre on the Nile", which premiered on February 11, has a strong lineup. "Wonder Woman" Gal Gadot plays the heroine, and Kenneth Branagh directed and starred in person.

Kenneth Branagh, 62, was once known as the "Prince of British Drama" when he was young.

In February of this year, the drama "Belfast" (Belfast) in which he served as director, screenwriter and producer was nominated for seven nominations including best picture and best director at the 94th Academy Awards, becoming a favorite to win the award.

  It is worth mentioning that five years ago, Kenneth Branagh also directed and starred in another crime suspense drama "Murder on the Orient Express", which was also adapted from Agatha Christie's masterpiece. ), the North American opening weekend box office was about 28.68 million US dollars, and finally won more than 350 million US dollars at the global box office with a budget of 55 million US dollars.

However, affected by the popularity of the "Super Bowl", this year's new work "Murder on the Nile" only earned about 12.8 million US dollars in its opening weekend, less than half of "Fellow Brothers" and "Murder on the Orient Express".

  The other two new films that also premiered on the 11th - Universal Pictures' musical love comedy "Marry Me" took the east wind of "Valentine's Day" and ranked third in this round with a weekend box office of about 8 million US dollars; Briarcliff Entertainment The company's action thriller "Black Gold Rescue" came in at No. 5 with about $3.6 million.

  The top-ranked action comedy documentary "Jackass Forever" in the previous issue's list, despite a slight increase in theaters, still dropped 65.2% at the weekend box office, and retreated to the second place in this issue's list with about $8.05 million.

The runner-up in the last issue, the action-adventure sci-fi film "Moonfall" continued to open and move lower. With the number of theaters remaining unchanged, it fell to the seventh place in this issue with a weekend box office of about US$2.85 million, a month-on-month drop of 71.1%.

  The superhero movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home", which premiered in December 2021, dropped one spot to No. 4 on the current list with a weekend box office of about $7.15 million.

At present, the North American box office of the film is about 759 million US dollars, and the global total box office has exceeded 1.8 billion US dollars, which is far ahead in the global box office rankings of films released in 2021.

  In addition, the cartoon "Sing 2" (Sing 2), the horror thriller "Scream 5" (Scream) and two films nominated for Best Picture at the 94th Academy Awards - the romantic comedy "Licorice" "Licorice Pizza" and the biographical drama "King Richard" share the rest of the top 10 list in turn.

  In the new week, a number of new films will hit the North American screen.

United Arts' comedy "Dog" and Sony Pictures' action-adventure "Uncharted" will all be released on February 18.

The happy twist comedy "Too Cool to Kill" will also land in North America on the 18th.