More than 100 Chinese and foreign journalists visited the Forbidden City yesterday, and

  more than 130 precious cultural relics were exhibited in the opening ceremony of the Forbidden City to tell the story of China

  The first auspicious snow in the Year of the Tiger has added a strong ice and snow atmosphere to Beijing, the "city of double Olympics".

Yesterday, the "Surprise Blind Box" of the 2022 Beijing News Center struck again - the 2022 Beijing News Center Media Open Day event was held with the Palace Museum, inviting more than 100 Chinese and foreign journalists to visit the Palace Museum and watch the New Year's Eve exhibition, which was showcased in 30 museums across the country. Understand China among the more than 130 cultural relics selected.

  Chinese and foreign journalists travel through time and space

  Step into the Royal Ice and Snow "Playground"

  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the "Surprise Blind Box" is a news brand carefully created by the 2022 Beijing News Center during the Winter Olympics to keep up with the trend, innovate the news format, and create a carefully crafted news brand.

This "Surprise Blind Box" event focuses on "the latest, most beautiful and best Beijing", and organizes Chinese and foreign reporters to experience the Chinese national treasures in the Forbidden City in the snow, experience the flourishing civilization, and become the "top stream" of the Beijing News Center in 2022.

Once the surprise event of the "Forbidden City 2022 Beijing News Center Media Open Day" was announced, 120 places to participate were "second light".

  Covered by pure white ice and snow, the Forbidden City is full of charm.

Entering the Forbidden City, the shutter sounded one after another, and more than 100 Chinese and foreign journalists could not hide their enthusiasm.

Looking around, the magnificent palace dressed in "white gauze", the Jinshui River like an "ice ribbon", and the smooth and flawless snow are like another ice and snow "race field" that has traveled through time and space.

An American reporter interviewed the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, and came to interview the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics after 14 years. He said bluntly: "Beijing is the real city of two Olympics! The Forbidden City in the snow today is extraordinarily beautiful!"

  As the official official account of the Palace Museum said: "Rui Xue at that time was also singing the triumphant song of the athletes' progress."

  More than 130 precious cultural relics

  Let the audience understand China

  In the Wenhua Hall of the Forbidden City, the "Why China - Ancient Chinese Civilization and "National Treasure" special exhibition" is being held. More than 130 cultural relics selected from 30 museums across the country tell the story of China.

This year-opening exhibition is under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, led by China Central Radio and Television Station and the Palace Museum, and jointly organized by more than 30 cultural and museum institutions across the country.

  More than 130 precious cultural relics, from the Stone Age to the Qing Dynasty, including stoneware, ceramics, jade, bronze, gold and silver, calligraphy and painting, rare ancient books, seals and other categories, including He Zun, Changxin Palace Lantern, Tibetan "Four Parts". Medical Classics and other well-known national treasures.

The exhibition regards the long-standing and profound Chinese civilization as a big river, and displays the charm of Chinese civilization with three units of "source", "flow" and "sink".

  In the exhibition hall, the cultural relics in the three central showcases are the top priority.

Among them, He Zun occupies the "C" position. There is a 122-character inscription on the bottom of this bronze ware.

This is the earliest known word for "China". A Korean reporter used Chinese to explain to the staff at the Palace Museum the scope of the word "China" in the exhibits at that time. around this area.

The other two heavy cultural relics are the jade cong unearthed in Fanshan, Yuhang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and the jade dragon collected by the Palace Museum.

  It is worth mentioning that the Wenyuan Pavilion on the north side of the Wenhua Palace, as the last "exhibit" in this exhibition, echoes the "Quanshu of the Four Treasures" (photocopy) at the end of the exhibition hall of the Wenhua Palace.

  cup of delicious coffee

  Warm winter for everyone

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the blockbuster exhibition, the 2022 Beijing News Center and Corner Tower Coffee provided free cups of steaming delicious coffee for reporters.

Before going out, reminding to keep warm, be careful of slippery roads, and considerate shuttle service on the way, let Chinese and foreign reporters feel full of warmth.

The splendid arrangement of activities on the day also made Chinese and foreign journalists praise the "Surprise Blind Box" of the 2022 Beijing News Center.

  It is understood that the "Why China" exhibition is located in the exhibition hall of Wenhua Hall of the Palace Museum, and the exhibition period is from January 26 to May 4, 2022.

According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, and in accordance with the principles of reservation, current limit and peak shift, the exhibition implements reservation admission, with a limit of 3,000 people throughout the day, until the quota is full.

Visitors can use the second-generation ID card or passport information to make real-name reservations through the Palace Museum's online ticketing website ( and WeChat public account "The Palace Museum Audience Service".

  Text/Reporter Wang Lei Zhang Zhiyi