Guangxi Baise: The social aspect is basically cleared and the health code transcoding work is carried out in an orderly manner

  Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, February 15 (Reporter Xu Haitao) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held on the 15th, Pang Jun, deputy director of the Health and Health Committee of the autonomous region, introduced that the current community transmission chain of the Baise epidemic is basically blocked. The social aspect has basically achieved zero.

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the autonomous region also issued a notice on the 15th, saying that the six counties of Baise City, including Tiandong County, Napo County, Lingyun County, Leye County, Tianlin County, and Xilin County, have been lifted from the control of the whole area. Control card points, and implement normalized management within the jurisdiction.

Except for those who are still undergoing centralized isolation medical observation and home isolation medical observation, the health code of other personnel has been changed to green code.

  The above notice stated that for 4 counties (cities, districts) including Youjiang District, Tianyang District, Longlin Autonomous County, and Pingguo City in Baise City, except for the closed control area, control area, and prevention area, the epidemic closure and control card points will be revoked. , the implementation of normalized management within the jurisdiction.

Except for people in centralized isolation medical observation, home isolation medical observation, and closed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas, the health codes of other people have been changed to green codes.

For Debao County and Jingxi City of Baise City, county-wide (city) control measures are still taken for the time being, and the risk level is dynamically adjusted according to the situation of the epidemic situation.

  According to the notice, in principle, those who are still in Baise City do not leave the city unless necessary. If they do need to leave the city, they must report to the regulations and hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.