Former President Hidetoshi Tanaka (75) of Nihon University was charged with tax evasion of 52 million yen without filing a tax return of about 120 million yen, including a rebate received from the former president of a medical corporation in Osaka. At the first trial of the case, former President Tanaka said, "I have no intention of fighting," and admitted the content of the indictment.

What is Hidetoshi Tanaka, the former president?

Former President Hidetoshi Tanaka became a university employee after graduating from Nihon University, and was appointed as the president of Nihon University in 2008.

He was active in the sumo club when he was in college, and even after becoming a staff member, he won numerous titles such as "Amateur Yokotsuna."

In 2012, four years after assuming the post of president, the post of the president, who was the actual top management at that time, was abolished, and both in name and reality, he became a tremendous influence as the top of the school corporation. ..

He also has a wide range of connections in the sports world and is still the vice chairman of the Japan Sumo Federation, which oversees amateur sumo, and for the four years until 2017, he is also the vice chairman of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee. Served.

He was arrested last November on suspicion of tax evasion and immediately resigned from his 13-year career.

He was dismissed from all positions related to Nihon University, including the dismissal of the director.

He was released on bail after being charged last December, but former President Tanaka did not publicly explain the case.

Nihon University after the incident ...

Nihon University was in an unusual situation in which former president Hidetoshi Tanaka, the top of the school corporation, was arrested and prosecuted.

Immediately after the arrest of the former president, all more than 30 directors filed resignations and are currently operating under a provisional system.

An investigation team and a third-party committee have been set up by outside lawyers to investigate the facts of a series of cases, including the case of mandate fraud by former university directors.

In addition, in order to promote drastic reforms such as the management and operation system of the university, we will launch a "regeneration meeting" by outside experts and plan to finalize the reform plan by the end of next month.

The university says, "We would like to renew the system of the executive department around May, based on the reform plan."

In addition, regarding the subsidiary "Nihon University Division" that was the stage of the mandate fraud case, it is said that it is proceeding with liquidation with a view to liquidation, and it is also possible to claim damages from the former president and former directors. I have decided.

On the other hand, last year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology provided a subsidy of about 9 billion yen, which is the second largest among private universities in Japan, through the affiliated organization "Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation". , It will not be issued this year due to a series of incidents.

Regarding this, Nihon University states, "We will not raise tuition fees due to this incident at all, and will take measures so that it will not affect students, students, and parents."