News from this newspaper (reporter Qin Hua) Last night, the 2022 "Wonderful Lantern Festival Tour" produced by Henan Radio and Television was staged wonderfully.

The beautiful visual style of the national tide style + multicultural elements leads the audience into a world of lights that is updated, romantic and beautiful, which is refreshing.

  2022 "Wonderful Tour of Lantern Festival" connects the entire show with creative concept films. Through the three chapters of "Yuan's Always", "Meeting at Night" and "Lights Reflecting Vientiane", the audience can feel the hope of the "Yuan" from beginning to end and meet at "Evening". The romantic, "light" reflects the feelings of home and country in Vientiane.

In the program, there are both direct expressions of folk symbols and more implicit emotional expressions.

  The visual show "Watching the Mountains and Rivers Lion Dance in the East" shows the Lantern Festival folk custom of lion dance; the Henan food show "The Harmony of Five Flavor" shows the Henan food culture of "Harmony of Five Flavor and Moderate Quality"; the dance "Five Stars Out of the East" shows the spirit of a big man and integrates The special effects design of astronomical wonders interprets the theme of "Yuan" in a broader emotional dimension; the song "Rainbow, Rain and Sonorous Roses" celebrates the victory of the Chinese Women's Football Asian Cup, and the women's football captain Wang Shanshan makes a surprise appearance; the scene dance "Yuan Xi's Covenant", the dance "Yuan Xi" "Once Upon a Time Slow", etc., convey the warm and beautiful emotional flow in the world through different forms of presentation.

  In terms of overall visual style and art presentation, the 2022 "Wonderful Lantern Festival Tour" will continue the combination of traditional culture and innovative technology, bringing the audience an oriental aesthetic visual feast.

Among them, the dance "Menglian" and the song "Back to the Carbine" were very amazing.

The dance "Menglian" adopts the classic image of "lotus" in Chinese culture, and even pure and beautiful dance, showing the wonderful landscape of the lotus growing step by step; in the song "Back to the Carbine", the female college student walks out of the dormitory and escapes into the second Dimensional space incarnates a heroine and starts a wonderful journey of "Fenglin Volcano".

  The 2022 "Wonderful Lantern Festival Tour" not only shows the ancient and modern Lantern Festival folk customs, but also conveys the cultural connotations, emotional connotations and spiritual connotations contained in the Lantern Festival. ".