A couple of walkers walking on a beach in the bay of Authie (Somme) had the bad surprise to find this Friday on the sand the corpse of a porpoise.

The man and the woman explained that they had not been able to determine the causes of the death of the cetacean.

However, they indicated to the

Journal d'Abbeville et du Ponthieu-Marquenterre

that they did not think of an accident with a fishing net.

For walkers, the animal had been dead for several days when they came across its remains between Quend beach and Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont (Somme).

One of them said that the head and certain parts of the porpoise's body were particularly degraded.

A corpse mistaken for that of a fish

The couple also initially thought they were dealing with a corpse of tuna as the animal was damaged.

The two witnesses also reported finding numerous objects around the porpoise, including full and empty jerrycans, floats, dustpans and a dog feeder.


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