Last year, a junior high school girl in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, went missing, and after that, a lawyer representing the bereaved family was found dead in a park covered with snow. It is very disappointing that the bereaved family's wish to report whether or not they were bullied was not realized by the first year since then. "

Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa, went missing while leaving her home on February 13, last year, and died in a snow-covered park about a month later. Was found.

The Asahikawa City Board of Education has set up a third-party committee to investigate whether there was any bullying in the background and the response of schools and the City Board of Education.

Of these, the bereaved family requested the city to report on the 13th, which is one year after Mr. Sousai went missing, just because there was no bullying in the background, but it did not come true. did.

Regarding this, a lawyer representing the bereaved family told reporters on the 14th, "The hands of the bereaved family's clock have stopped on February 13, last year. It is very disappointing that the bereaved family's wish to report even if there is no such thing has not been fulfilled. I want you to report again as soon as possible. "

Also, regarding the state of Sousai's mother, "Yesterday it seemed to be painful because there was no report. Even though I continued to complain of bullying, it is still not recognized, and suffering continues for a long time because I am in a dangling state. I am. "

According to the City Board of Education, the third-party committee is conducting interviews with about 50 related students and faculty members, and hopes to report to the bereaved family about the existence of bullying by the end of next month.

On the other hand, Mayor Kansuke Imazu of Asahikawa City has expressed the recognition that there was "bullying" on this issue, and the final investigation report of the third-party committee will be one year from the start of full-scale investigation6. If it is not by the month, a new third-party committee under the direct control of the mayor will be set up to clarify the idea of ​​proceeding with the investigation in parallel.