[Beijing Winter Olympics] A new batch of "Bingdundun" is here!

  [Explanation] During the Spring Festival, the sales of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot "Bingdundun" were booming, and there was a situation of "one pier is hard to find". The realization of "one pier for one household" has become the New Year's goal that many people want to accomplish most.

The reporter learned that on February 13, a new batch of "Bingdundun" plush toys arrived in Beijing despite the wind and snow.

  [Explanation] At 9:00 am on the 14th, the reporter saw at the Beijing 2022 official licensed merchandise flagship store on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street in Beijing that there was already a long queue in front of the door. many.

The reporter learned that on the same day, the newly arrived "Bing Dun Dun" was not put on the shelves, but was used to meet the pre-sale redemption work.

  [Concurrent period] Niu Chao, general manager of Beijing 2022 Official Licensed Product Flagship Store

  Starting from February 8th, we will change the spot to the pre-sale stage. In this pre-sale stage, after we get the "Bing Dun Dun", we will first carry out the redemption work of the previous pre-sale to ensure that everyone pays in advance, which is equivalent to the previous On February 8th, we promised to get it on February 20th, so now we have advanced it to the present, that is, today, February 14th, we will pay in advance.

  [Concurrent] Aunt Yang, a Beijing resident

  This child of my family lives in Xinjiang, and he is a teacher, and he takes it to the students in Xinjiang, so that they also have this kind of Olympic awareness, such an idea.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Hu, a Beijing resident

  When I made an appointment, I said that I could pick it up on the 20th, but it turned out to be early. It was fine. It happened to be Valentine's Day today, and it happened to be a gift for my girlfriend.

  [Explanation] When will "one household, one pier" be realized?

Niu Chao said that after the redemption work is completed and the "Bingdundun" arrives in succession, they will be put on the market as soon as possible.

  [Concurrent period] Niu Chao, general manager of Beijing 2022 Official Licensed Product Flagship Store

  After the payment is completed, we will carry out some specific sales work. This is an overall arrangement. The specific quantity is also based on the entire rationed quantity. After the goods arrive one after another, we will give you the first time to put on the market. , let everyone not wait for "Bingdundun".

  [Explanation] It is reported that within a week from February 13, there will be 35,000 "Bingdundun" plush toys coming to Beijing from southern manufacturers one after another, and it is expected that it will reach 100,000 before the opening of the Winter Paralympics.

  Liu Chao, Song Yusheng and Shi Rui report from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]