The suspension of the husband's salary led to his inability to pay the tuition and rent installments

49.8 thousand dirhams restore stability to the family of "Umm Hassan"

(Um Hassan - Palestinian) is facing great financial difficulties, after stopping the husband’s salary for five months, which made her unable to pay the school arrears for their three children, amounting to 29,857 dirhams, and rent installments of 20,000 dirhams, and the children are now threatened not to complete their studies. And they do not enter the end-of-year exams, if the fees accumulated on them are not paid, and the whole family is subject to expulsion from the house in which they live.

(Umm Hassan) told «Emirates Today»: «My husband was working in a private sector company with a salary of 6000 dirhams, and life was going normally, and last year the company informed him to stop the salaries of all employees for a period of five months, as a result of his exposure to large financial losses, which led to The situation changed and the family’s situation turned upside down, and debts piled up on us after we became without income.”

She added that she did not expect the family's financial situation to deteriorate in this way, especially since it does not work and the husband is the only breadwinner for members of the family consisting of five members, and their three children are in different stages of study, which led to the inability to pay the school arrears until it reached 29,857 dirhams, and not Paying the rental installments at a value of 20 thousand dirhams, and she was confused about how to manage these accumulated amounts.

(Umm Hassan) indicated that the school administration sent them a warning over the phone that failure to pay tuition fees will lead to the three children not continuing their education in the current year, and not obtaining the results of the second semester, despite their superiority and obtaining the first places in their classes. The landlord informed them of the need to pay the accumulated rent arrears of 20,000 dirhams, and threatened to evict them from the apartment.

She added that the deteriorating financial situation of the family and the difficult conditions in which it is currently living, made her feel afraid that the husband would go to prison if the debts accumulated on him were not paid, and the family would become without a breadwinner and support, and her children would be deprived of completing their educational journey.

And (Um Hassan) appealed to good people and people of merciful hearts to help them manage the value of the tuition fees and the accumulated rental arrears on them, to save her family from being lost.