Through an interactive experience that enriches the senses and integrates science with technology

The Museum of the Future exposes its visitors to unique innovations and takes them on an inspiring journey

  • The visitor to the "Museum of the Future" is part of the future foresight and its open perceptions.

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Dubai, in its developmental path, is not satisfied with anticipating the future and dealing with its challenges as they occur, but has chosen to manufacture it on a daily basis through dozens of projects that are racing against time, and the advanced technologies it employs in the service of humanity and raising the quality of life, as is the case in “Mathaf” The future”, which puts its visitors in front of unique innovations and takes them on an inspiring journey that enables them to imagine the future they are looking forward to, through an unprecedented interactive experience that enriches the senses and integrates in an integrated manner science with technology, so that the visitor becomes part of the future foresight and its perceptions that are open to limitless possibilities that will contribute to Shaping the world from now to 2071.

With its unique creative design and inspiring exceptional structure, which motivates its visitors and arouses their passion to embark on a deep journey towards exploring new worlds, the Museum of the Future represents a permanent exhibition displaying various aspects of the future of humanity and the most important technologies that await humans in the coming decades. The Museum also represents a global intellectual center of a kind New, includes five main experiences that take the visitor into the world of the future.

The first exhibition, "OSS Hope", takes visitors on a journey into space to experience living and performing tasks on board space stations, before returning to Earth, but 50 years from today, to discover what the world has become in 2071 with efforts to restore natural order. and sustainability of the planet.

The station bears the name "Amal" to remind the memory of the "Probe of Hope" project, which achieved a unique achievement in the history of Arab and international space exploration by reaching the orbit of Mars, making the UAE the first Arab country and the fifth globally to achieve this scientific achievement.

While the Hope Probe project reflects many indications about the vision of the UAE, its strategic vision, and its leadership’s awareness of the importance of space exploration and investment, in line with the rapid global transformations and supporting the country’s goals for the next 50 years, the orbiting space station OSS Hope, which is hosted by the Museum of the Future, confirms Promising future prospects await scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts in the space sciences sector.

While the “Nature Rehabilitation” laboratory provides a unique experience for visitors to the “Museum of the Future”, when they return from the vast space, the visitors land on the surface of the earth, and the laboratory receives them with its environment that employs techniques simulating reality.

The laboratory allows visitors to conduct many interactive experiments, most notably experiments that involve the use of DNA samples to rehabilitate fungal organisms.

The laboratory reflects the priority that the UAE attaches to issues of environmental sustainability and nature protection.

After leaving the “Nature Rehabilitation” laboratory, visitors to the Museum of the Future will be faced with another unique experience, provided by the “Oasis”, in which they discover a world that immerses them in a sense of comfort by stimulating their five senses by focusing on the personal level, so they dive deep within them, and away from external factors. that occupy their attention.

Children also have their share in the distinctive museum, as the “Future Champions” platform, designed for children under the age of 10, aims to stimulate young minds to explore new things about themselves and the world around them.

The first level includes a set of activities that focus on six skills they need to discover the future: curiosity, creativity, confidence, communication, cooperation, and critical thinking, offering a mixture of unlimited games and challenges that require problem-solving skills and cooperation.

The Future Champions platform is more than just a place to learn and play, it is a space in which the future generation lays the foundation stone for their future, and through which they unleash their capabilities.

future today

The Future Today exhibition attracts more than 50 exhibitors from leading companies, universities and designers who are shaping the future and providing an overview of what the next 10 years could bring.

The exhibition is an occasion to explore the different ways in which technology can shape the future and the many and varied solutions it may provide to meet the challenges imposed on our planet and societies today and in the future.

The Museum of the Future provides daily tickets to the public

The Museum of the Future in Dubai has announced the start of selling its tickets on the website

as of February 13, 2022 for all who wish to learn about the unprecedented inspiring experiences it offers to its visitors and outlines the future of humanity and the smart and sustainable societies of tomorrow at the first museum of its kind in the world.

Tickets provide museum visitors with an entrance to inspiring experiences that take them on an immersive journey to participate in designing the future, contribute to building sustainable smart societies, instill values ​​of optimism and positivity, and take the initiative to build a brighter future.

Daily ticket holders choose the appropriate time period for their visit;

According to availability, and within the museum’s working hours from 10 am to 6 pm, seven days a week, in order to organize the flow of visitors and ensure that they get the best experience during their visit, while opening its doors to everyone of different groups and interests, to take its guests on a journey of self-discovery and the prospects for a better future for man. .

Tickets for the Museum of the Future are available starting from AED 145, while entry is free for children under the age of three, for whom the museum dedicates an immersive and enjoyable experience full of knowledge and entertainment in the “Future Champions” area on the first floor.

Senior citizens over the age of 60 can enter the Museum of the Future free of charge, as well as any people of determination with one companion.

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