China News Agency, Beijing, February 13 (Reporter Zhou Yin) Heavy snow fell in parts of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei on the 13th.

Affected by the rainy and snowy weather and the arrival of the peak of returning to work, the transportation departments of various places are fighting on the front line to escort the return journey of the Spring Festival.

  On the 13th, the 28th day of the Spring Festival, statistics show that the country is expected to send 26.64 million passengers.

Among them, railways are expected to send 6.6 million passengers, 18.5 million by road, 400,000 by water, and 1.14 million by civil aviation.

The national expressway is expected to flow 2,739.07 million vehicles.

On February 13, Beijing ushered in the first snowfall of the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar. Tourists in the Beijing Zoo took a group photo in the snow.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  On the 13th, Beijing ushered in the snow at the beginning of the tiger. Beijing Capital International Airport planned to take off and land 567 flights throughout the day, transporting 51,000 passengers.

As of 19:00, Beijing Capital International Airport has performed 370 flights, 56 flights have been cancelled, and 202 flights with deicing needs have been deiced.

  In order to make every effort to reduce the impact of this snowfall on flight operations, the Capital Airport Operation Management Committee launched the first-level response mechanism for coordinated operation at 6:00 on the 13th, and cooperated with major security units such as air traffic control and airlines to communicate jointly and coordinate the orderly release of flights. Dynamic adjustments are made in a timely manner according to on-site conditions.

  According to news from Beijing Daxing International Airport, on the 13th, Daxing Airport plans to carry out 474 flights, with an estimated 48,000 passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong.

As of 18:00 that day, Daxing Airport has performed 318 inbound and outbound flights, and 174 deicing flights have been completed.

On February 13, Beijing ushered in the first snowfall of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, and people visited the Forbidden City in the snow.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

  Facing the test of special weather, Daxing Airport continued to carry out various support work such as snow removal in the flight area, fixed-point de-icing of aircraft, and passenger services, and cooperated with various support units to carry out special protection work for ice and snow weather in accordance with the requirements of the organization procedures for ice and snow weather operations.

  During the snowfall, Daxing Airport has added reminders in passenger check-in, security check, boarding and other links to strengthen passenger guidance and service guarantee.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers, Daxing Airport has carried out the road ice and snow removal work in an orderly manner in accordance with the principle of "first the building, then the surrounding area; first the main line, then the branch line" to ensure smooth travel roads, airport subway lines, airport high-speed railways and public buses. , taxis and other means of transportation are sufficient.