China News Service, Beijing, February 13 (Reporter Liu Wenxi and Li Chun) Beijing will implement dynamic management of intangible heritage inheritors this year, and the inheritors are no longer life-long, further enhancing the awareness of the representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to perform their duties according to law.

At the same time, we will continue to promote the creation of excellent compositions, create high-quality performances, and polish the golden business card of Beijing's cultural tourism.

Liu Bin, deputy director and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said at a special press conference on Beijing's historical and cultural protection held on the 13th.

  Liu Bin said that in 2022, the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Beijing will focus on inheritance and dissemination, and the "Administrative Measures for Representative Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beijing" will be issued soon to further enhance the awareness of representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to perform their duties according to law. Implement dynamic management of non-genetic inheritors, and the inheritors are no longer life-long.

  At present, the city has a total of 92 representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage and 242 representative inheritors of municipal intangible cultural heritage.

Beijing actively establishes and improves the protection of non-genetic inheritors and other systems, and continues to issue inheritance subsidies to non-genetic inheritors in the city to ensure the basic inheritance activities of inheritors, strengthen the construction of inheritance mechanisms for the inheritance of famous teachers, youth, and dolls, and explore representative The identification system of sex inheritor groups shall be strengthened, the management of representative inheritors shall be strengthened, and the withdrawal mechanism of representative inheritors shall be improved.

  Beijing has a history of more than 3,000 years of city building and more than 800 years of capital building. Its rich historical traditions have accumulated a large number of precious intangible cultural heritage.

12 projects including Peking Opera were selected into the UNESCO "Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity".

At the same time, there are 144 national-level intangible cultural heritage representative projects such as cloisonne production skills, and 303 municipal-level intangible cultural heritage representative projects such as Beijing Opera.

The number of representative intangible cultural heritage projects in Beijing ranks among the top in the country.

  Beijing Quyi represented by cross talk and Beijing storytelling is a golden business card of Beijing Cultural Tourism.

This year, Beijing will implement the "Beijing Quyi Inheritance and Development Implementation Plan", promote the creation of excellent operas, create high-quality performances, and encourage the construction of a special position for Beijing Quyi performances.

  This year, Beijing will also hold three intangible cultural heritage exhibition activities: the first "Beijing International Intangible Cultural Heritage Week" will be held in the sub-center of Beijing city, including a series of activities such as the opening ceremony, the intangible cultural heritage lecture hall, and the intangible cultural heritage protection forum; "Cultural and Natural Heritage "Day" intangible cultural heritage display and dissemination activities to showcase Beijing's fruitful achievements in intangible cultural heritage protection in recent years; "Beijing Intangible Heritage Time-honored Brand Shopping Festival" continues to combine e-commerce platforms, live broadcast platforms, and online and offline linkages to help intangible cultural heritage products achieve production and production. The virtuous circle of consumption stimulates the new vitality of the non-genetic inheritance and development of time-honored brands.

  Liu Bin said that in order to improve the level of intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance in Beijing, social participation is actively encouraged.

Taking advantage of the academic resources of universities in the capital, entrusted Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts and other institutions to help train 1,140 intangible heritage inheritors across the country and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; promote the two-way empowerment of intangible cultural heritage protection and tourism, and organize tourism enterprises and tourism colleges Co-designed the "Beijing Central Axis Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour", which was successfully selected as a national intangible cultural heritage tourism route; promoted the integration of intangible cultural heritage into contemporary life, and designed and launched the country's first set of Beijing intangible cultural heritage themed series bank cards, in which the tiger head shield made of Peking Opera The prototype bank card is enthusiastically sought after by young people in the Year of the Tiger, fully demonstrating the energy of social participation and the permanent charm of traditional culture.