A horrific crime shakes the Iraqi street.. He killed his brother and raped his two daughters

In a heinous crime that shook Iraqi circles, the authorities announced the arrest of a man accused of killing his brother and raping his eldest daughters, 15, and the youngest, 12.

In the details, the Baghdad Operations Command revealed in a statement yesterday evening, Saturday, that the detainee confessed during the initial investigation that he actually raped his two nieces, after killing their father before her.

It also clarified that a military force was able to arrest the accused in the Nahrawan area, south of Baghdad, and he had a "Kalashnikov rifle".

In addition, it was found that the criminal was abusing his 9-year-old son, as he had bruises on his face and a curvature in the back.

As for the mother of the detainee, she confirmed that she knew what her son had done, but she was helpless in front of what he did.

She added that the mother of the two girls also could not stop him for his crimes against her two daughters.

The 15-year-old victim explained that her uncle was possessing her with the knowledge of her mother, who also took her captive after killing her husband, revealing that he used the most horrific means of torture and rape against her and her sister, who is only twelve years old, according to Al Arabiya Net.

The family explained that the accused threatened to kill them if they disclosed what he was doing, especially if they reported the news to the authorities.

It is noteworthy that this crime sparked widespread anger in the Iraqi street, amid calls for the most severe penalties to be imposed against the criminal.

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