[New Year Chronicle] Visiting the Confucian Temple and making dumplings to welcome the Lantern Festival reunion in Fujian and Taiwan

  On February 11, the "Taiwan Compatriots with Same Roots and Same Origin, Cross-Strait Love, Dragon, Culture and Taiwan Compatriots Celebrate Lantern Festival" 2022 Longwen The Lantern Festival reunion exchange and friendship activities for Taiwanese compatriots were held lively and festively.

  More than 20 Taiwanese businessmen and compatriots who stayed in Longwen for the Chinese New Year gathered together to visit the Confucian Temple and visit the special exhibition of Taiwanese scholars to learn more about the patriotism of Taiwanese scholars.

Afterwards, the Taiwan compatriots also rubbed glutinous rice balls, chatted happily, shared sumptuous delicacies, and took group photos to record unforgettable moments.

  It is reported that the eleventh day of the first lunar month coincides with the custom of "eating blessings" in Zhangzhou, which is to prepare a table with the same sumptuous meal as the New Year's Eve dinner. The better you eat, the more blessed this year will be.

Taiwan compatriots said that the Chinese New Year is strong, they felt the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival in advance, and felt the warmth of a family on both sides of the strait.

(Zhou Jing produced by Liao Zhenmei)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]