(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Li Jiachao: The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government made five requests for assistance to thank the central government for its support to Hong Kong

  China News Service, Hong Kong, February 12 (Reporter Zhang Xiaoxi) The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Li Jiachao, said on the 12th that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government proposed to send mainland experts to assist and improve Hong Kong's testing at the second special exchange meeting between the mainland and Hong Kong on the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The central government will fully and actively consider the request for assistance in five aspects including capacity, accept the overall direction of the request in principle, and take relevant measures.

  Li Jiachao led the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region delegation to Shenzhen on the 11th to attend the second Mainland-Hong Kong New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Symposium on the 12th.

He met the media at the Hong Kong SAR Government Headquarters on the evening of the 12th to introduce the relevant situation of the exchange meeting.

  He pointed out that the SAR government made various requests for assistance at the exchange meeting, including: first, to send mainland experts to assist Hong Kong in pathological investigation and analysis; second, to improve Hong Kong's testing capabilities; third, to assist in the construction of quarantine and isolation facilities Fourth, provide rapid antigen test kits; fifth, provide supplies of anti-epidemic materials such as hospital beds, masks, and protective equipment.

  He said that the exchange meeting was carried out in a positive, open and constructive atmosphere, and achieved the following results, including: first, the Central Committee will fully and actively consider the assistance request made by the SAR government, and accept the overall direction of the request in principle; second , the central government and Guangdong province will take measures to fully guarantee the supply of fresh food, vegetables and daily necessities in the Hong Kong SAR; third, the central government, Guangdong province and the SAR government have agreed to jointly set up a special class to solve the problem as soon as possible. The special class includes Epidemiological expert group, testing group, quarantine facility group, medical material support group and other material supply group, etc.

Each special class will be established as soon as possible to conduct research and formulate implementation plans for various topics.

  Li Jiachao said that the central government will fully support the SAR government to take all measures to contain the epidemic.

The SAR Government would like to thank the Central Government for its support and concern for Hong Kong, as well as the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government for their support and attention to Hong Kong.

  He also pointed out when answering a reporter's question that Hong Kong has no "closed city" plan at this stage, and the SAR government takes the protection of citizens' lives and Hong Kong's public health safety as its primary consideration.