While school events were canceled one after another due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was found that the school trips that major travel agencies had planned to arrange this year were canceled in more than one-third.

Some schools are still considering whether to implement it, and as the Omicron strain expands, there is a possibility that the number of discontinuations will increase.

Kinki Nippon Tourist, a major travel agency, was planning to arrange school trips for 4202 schools this year, but

▽ it was possible to carry out 54%, or 2284 schools,

▽ due to the influence of the new corona. It was decided to cancel at 1531 schools, which is 36%.

The other 387 schools are planning to implement it by next month, but many schools will make the final decision at this time when the remaining amount is low until the end of the fiscal year, and there is a possibility that the number of cancellations will increase as the Omicron stock expands. There is also.

If the school trip is scheduled to take place in the final year, it cannot be postponed any further and the school is carefully considering how to respond by listening to parents and children.

A person in charge of Kinki Nippon Tourist said, "There were more schools this year trying to take infection control measures and somehow implement them, but due to the expansion of Omicron stocks, more schools are canceling from the beginning of the year. Children as a travel agency I want to support for. "

Following the school trip, the excursion just before the graduation ceremony is also unclear

At junior high schools, where school trips were canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is unclear whether an excursion just before the graduation ceremony will be possible due to the expansion of Omicron strains.

The school trip to Rokukakubashi Junior High School in Yokohama City was originally scheduled to go to Kyoto and Nara in May last year, with about 300 third-year students going to Kyoto and Nara for two nights and three days, but it was postponed to September due to the spread of the infection.

However, after that, the infection did not converge, and if it was postponed further, it would affect the examination, so I told the students to cancel it in September.

The school is planning a "graduation excursion" on the 28th of this month, and the school side is considering the destination to make memories because the current third grader has been at the mercy of the new corona for more than two years. ..

However, with the rapid expansion of Omicron strains, I am wondering if I should stop the excursion and take thorough measures to prevent infected people from coming out before the graduation ceremony next month.

Kota Kiyozuka, a teacher in charge of the third grade who had been planning a school trip for more than two years, said, "For the third grade, the three years spent with friends are about one month left. Since the school has been closed, the events have been reduced, and the events have been canceled, I want you to make some fun memories that are no longer in Corona and graduate. I have a strong desire to call him, so I feel it is difficult to go on a graduation excursion. "

Some schools change their destinations and carry out school trips

On the other hand, some schools take measures against infection after changing the destination and schedule, and carry out school excursions.

At Sendagaya Elementary School in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, the school trip was originally scheduled to take place in July last year, and about 70 sixth graders were scheduled to visit Nikko City in Tochigi Prefecture for two nights and three days.

Since the infection of the new corona did not converge, it was postponed once in October and then to the end of this month, but due to the rapid expansion of Omicron strains, it was decided to cancel the school trip to Nikko City on the 24th of last month. rice field.

Nevertheless, the school is planning to change the destination to Mt. Takao in Tokyo and start a school trip from the end of this month so that the children can make memories.

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we have shortened the schedule to one night and two days, and we are flexible enough to allow parents to pick us up on the first night, stay at home, and join us again the next day.

Kazuyoshi Kano, Principal of Sendagaya Elementary School, said, "I want to make as many fun memories as possible for my children. I hope that the corona will converge and that various educational activities can be resumed with peace of mind. I was talking.

One of the boys said, "I'm sorry that the time and destination have changed, but I'm happy just to be able to go, so I want to have a good time at Mt. Takao."