Being able to rest in peace with your dog or cat.

This is the objective of around thirty deputies who tabled a bill on Wednesday to authorize that the urn of a pet can be buried in the grave of its master.

Published this Thursday in the Official Journal, the text is co-signed by 27 elected officials from all sides and carried by Loïc Dombreval (LREM), president of the Animal Condition parliamentary study group.

In France, one in two families owns at least one pet.

The bill wants to allow French people who wish to be buried with their faithful companions.

Respect the last wishes of a deceased person

"The idea of ​​this little law was born from the sad story of an old lady in Gironde who wanted her animal's urn to be present in her coffin and it was refused", explains Loïc Dombreval.

“Today in the law, for reasons of dignity, it is forbidden to rest with your pet and even less to have the name of the animal written on your tombstone.


The elected official considers it "unworthy" not to respect the last wishes of a deceased person, especially with regard to the attachment that can exist between an elderly person and his animal.

The bill is unlikely to be passed by the end of the legislature, but “I am convinced that this law can be passed one day”, specifies the deputy LREM.

Ashes side by side

The bill does not authorize the inscription of the name of the animal on the tombstone but would allow any individual choosing cremation to be able to have their ashes placed with those of their animals in an animal cemetery.

This practice is already authorized in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“Today you can place an object, the photo of your wife, a wedding ring in your coffin.

I am modifying the law slightly because the relationship to the animal has completely changed,” said Loïc Dombreval about the text.

“This small law has great symbolic value.

It is consistent with the relationship between humans and their pets.



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