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The sixth wave of coronavirus continues its decline.

The data communicated by Health this Friday show that the accumulated incidence stands at

1,461.71 cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days throughout Spain


A decrease compared to the 1,566.97 that it marked on Thursday and especially compared to the 2,299.44 a week ago.

The seven-day incidence suggests that this reduction is going to be maintained because this Friday it drops to 537.09 per 100,000 inhabitants when on Thursday it was at 569.51 and last Friday, at 824.52.

The trends are therefore consolidated despite the margin of error introduced in the absolute numbers of the official statistics by the different methods to account for and notify -according to communities- the positives in the tests carried out outside the health field.

By age groups,

the highest incidence occurs among children 11 years of age and younger


for those aged 5 and under, there is no planned vaccination and those aged 6 to 11 are still being immunized.

Together, they reach 2,288.23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

At the opposite extreme are the age groups in which the injection of the third dose is extended: 50 to 59 years (946.33), 60 to 69 (821.54) and 70 to 79 (860.49).

In the group of 80 and over, the incidence -despite that- is higher, it marks 1,218.03 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

With the aforementioned reservation on the cases detected in the private sphere, the Health data recorded

49,004 new cases of coronavirus this Friday compared to 53,055 on Thursday and 74,937 a week ago


The official number of confirmed infections with a diagnostic test since the start of the pandemic amounts to 10,604,200 cases.

The report that closes the week also includes

389 new deaths from Covid, a figure that continues to move at high levels


On Thursday there were 393 and last Friday, 195. In total, the global statistics reflect 95,995 deaths confirmed with a diagnostic test;

Therefore, it does not include deaths from compatible causes but in which, especially in the first wave, a test was not performed to confirm the infection.

The indicators of healthcare pressure, more stable and reliable than those of infections, once again reflect a favorable evolution, which is more visible when compared to those of a week ago.

According to Health, this Friday there are

12,843 people admitted with Covid throughout Spain, which represent 10.31% of the available hospital beds


On Thursday there were 13,623 (10.92%) and last Friday, 16,326 (13.08%)

The improvement is also seen in the ICUs, where

critical Covid patients total 1,588 and account for 16.94% of the beds in these units


On Thursday there were 1,633 (17.41%) and a week ago, 1,880 (19.96%).

The worst impact of the pandemic on ICUs occurs in Catalonia, where seriously ill covid patients still occupy 32.82% of the available places.

Andalusia (9.46%), Extremadura (9.34%), Asturias (8.97%) and Galicia (5.10%) are in a 'low risk' situation (with a percentage of these patients below 10%). %).

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