China News Service, Xi'an, February 10 (Yang Yingqi) The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission on the 10th that according to the analysis of experts in the province, as of 24:00 on January 13, 2022, the cumulative reported local new coronary pneumonia cases in Shaanxi's current round of epidemics Among the 2066 cases, 1834 were vaccinated and 232 were not vaccinated; among the 46 critically ill cases, 20 were vaccinated and 26 were not vaccinated.

  The analysis found that critically ill cases accounted for 1.09% of the vaccinated cases, and 11.21% of the unvaccinated cases. Effective in preventing critically ill cases.

  The Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission stated that the current overseas new crown pneumonia epidemic is still at a high level, and clusters of epidemics have occurred in many provinces in China, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe and complicated.

Vaccination against the new coronavirus can obtain corresponding immunity, thereby effectively reducing the risk of morbidity, severe illness and death.

  At present, according to the national deployment, people over the age of 3 in Shaanxi can be vaccinated against the new coronavirus vaccine, and people over the age of 18 can receive booster doses 6 months after completing the basic doses (inactivated and adenovirus vector new coronavirus vaccines).

Those who have not been vaccinated or not fully vaccinated against the new coronavirus, especially susceptible people aged 3 to 11 and over 60 years old, are recommended to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

  It is understood that in order to avoid the problem of public congestion during the new crown vaccination process, the Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission requires all vaccination units in various regions to adhere to the implementation of online appointments in different time periods through various WeChat mini-programs, online appointment platforms, etc., and give full play to the digital information platform. It provides online appointment services for new crown vaccines to prevent crowded people from happening.

  In addition, the new crown virus vaccination and other vaccinations need to be separated by more than 14 days. When the rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and immune globulin need to be vaccinated due to animal injury, trauma, etc., the vaccination interval with the new crown vaccine may not be considered.

People aged 3 to 11 need to be accompanied by their parents during the whole process of vaccination, and can be vaccinated only after being evaluated by a doctor and the guardian has signed an informed consent form.