On the evening of February 8, photographers in Hengshui City, Hebei Province captured the "bird wave" landscape of ten thousand birds flying together by the Hengshui Lake.

I saw the flock of birds changing various formations in the flight, as if they were performing a difficult group dance, which was amazing.

  According to reports, the reason for the formation of "bird waves" is that birds gather together to fly and perch in order to reduce the risk of predation or improve foraging efficiency.

The suitable environment and climate of Hengshui Lake allow a large number of migratory birds to choose to spend the winter here.

At the peak of migratory bird migration in spring, autumn and winter, a large number of ducks and geese begin to exercise their physical fitness and prepare for migration, so the spectacle of "bird waves" is prone to occur.

  Hengshui Lake is a national wetland and bird nature reserve. It is the largest freshwater lake in North China. There are 538 species of plants and more than 320 species of birds in the lake area. It is known as "the most beautiful wetland in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei" and "sapphire" in East Asia reputation.

(Cui Zhiping, Jin Lili, Wang Tieliang, Zhou Jing)

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]