In a class proceeding in which a former worker working at a construction site in various parts of Kyushu inhaled asbestos and sought compensation from the government and a building material manufacturer for lung cancer, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss both appeals, and the building material manufacturer The judgments of the two courts, which acknowledged the responsibilities of the four companies, have been finalized.

A settlement was reached with the country last year, and the Kyushu trial over construction asbestos is now over.

Former workers and their families who worked at construction sites in Kyushu, such as Fukuoka, sought compensation from the government and 12 building material manufacturers for lung cancer after inhaling asbestos from building materials.

While the first trial ordered the government to compensate, the complaint against the company was rejected, but the Fukuoka High Court of the second trial acknowledged the responsibility of some companies as well as the government, and the total of the four companies was 125 million. I ordered compensation for the surplus yen.

Both sides appealed, and a settlement was reached in December last year with the government paying more than 350 million yen to 52 plaintiffs, but the trial with the company continued.

By the 10th, Judge Hiroyuki Kanno of the Second Small Court of the Supreme Court decided to dismiss both appeals, and the decisions of the two courts recognizing the responsibilities of the four building material manufacturers were finalized.

The second trial also acknowledged the responsibility of companies that handle exterior materials used for roofs and outer walls, saying that "asbestos may be inhaled even when working outdoors, and not all exterior materials are done outdoors." ..

This is the first time that this decision has been finalized in various proceedings over asbestos at construction sites.

Mr. Taira, the leader of the plaintiffs, "I'm glad I was able to finish the trial alive."

Following the conclusion of the trial, three plaintiffs living in Fukuoka Prefecture met and talked about their feelings.

Kaoru Hiramoto (78), the plaintiff's leader who was a carpenter and suffered from lung cancer due to asbestos, said, "I think I did my best in the trial for about 10 years. I didn't expect to be able to live until, so I'm happy to be able to finish the trial alive. "

Kiyoko Shibata (72), a deputy leader who has continued the trial on behalf of her husband, who died, said, "Some plaintiffs died during a long trial. I want to share this joy with everyone." I was there.

Yoshiko Nakamura (77), who lost her husband who was an interior worker to lung cancer 15 years ago, said, "Since graduating from junior high school, my husband has been doing interior work and enduring wounds and illnesses, but only asbestos I lost. I'm happy, but I'm sorry that the company didn't apologize. "