100,000 packets of Liuzhou snail powder to support Baise

  Liuzhou News from our newspaper (Reporter/Zhang Guannian) If one party is in trouble, all parties support it.

Since the outbreak of the Baise epidemic, it has affected the hearts of all sectors of society.

On February 9, Liuzhou City raised nearly 100,000 packets of snail powder, 10 tons of vegetables and other materials of about 1.1 million yuan to help Baise, contributing to Baise's fight against the epidemic.

  At about 9 am that day, the reporter came to the snail powder industrial park in Yufeng District, Liuzhou City. At this time, the workers were loading various brands of snail powder.

Tang Jiwen, president of Liuzhou Snail Noodle Association, told reporters that a total of 69 units and enterprises participated in the donation, including 63 Liuzhou snail noodles enterprises.

  Yao Hanlin, chairman of Guangxi Luobawang Food Co., Ltd., said that after the company learned the news of the rescue, it immediately arranged for expedited production of the production line. The company donated a total of 200 pieces of Liuzhou snail noodles and more than 500 gift boxes of snail noodles. With a small pot, as long as there is water and electricity, the people of Baise can eat hot Liuzhou snail noodles.”