"Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake" breaks 2.9 billion box office

  Released a special tactical design to reveal the behind-the-scenes of the "Three Bombed Watergate Bridge"

  The hit "Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake" has exceeded 2.9 billion at the box office, breaking 75 box office and audience records.

On the 9th, the film side released another tactical design special to reveal the behind-the-scenes story of the shooting of "Three Bombed Watergate Bridge". Producer and director Tsui Hark collaborated with the main creators. Through strict historical data research and military knowledge learning, with a large number of battle tactics design, It shows the unique fighting thoughts and wisdom of the volunteers, and shows the fearless spiritual will of the soldiers.

  Producer and director Tsui Hark said: "The Watergate Bridge is not the kind of bridge connecting the two banks as we usually understand it. It is a semi-suspended passage built on a cliff, and it is a place with various functions. It was originally a power plant, a dam, and a The passage of the U.S. military to Xingnan Port. At this critical point, all the dramatic conflict unfolded.”

  In the movie, the Seventh Company cooperated with other companies to fight against the enemy at the Watergate Bridge. Director Tsui Hark said that the biggest problem in the filming was "how to make the three bridge bombings appear different each time".

"We read a lot of materials to study the U.S. military's strategy and the volunteer army's strategy."

  In the end, in the film, the soldiers of the Seventh Company were divided into four ways to overcome the enemy's key firepower: the assault group attacked the headquarters, interspersed with assaults, and outsmarted the target; the fire support group reconnaissance the enemy's situation and cooperated; the blasting group attacked the enemy's "heart" and broke the Enemy retreat; cover group guerrilla harassment, flexible cooperation.

The main creator through strict historical research and military knowledge learning, with a large number of battle and tactical designs, shows the unique fighting ideas and wisdom of the volunteers, and presents the fearless spiritual will of the soldiers.

  In order to allow more audiences to experience this passionate epic masterpiece in theaters, Bona Cinemas recently launched a special movie viewing event.

From February 7th to February 20th, Bona Cinemas members nationwide can purchase special tickets through the counter or Bona Movies APP to watch "Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge" at 33.9 yuan, students, soldiers, medical staff Groups can also enjoy a discounted price of 35 yuan with valid certificates.

In addition, it is more sincere to launch IMAX special movie viewing. On the basis of the above special price, you can purchase IMAX hall movie tickets only by adding 10 yuan.

  behind the scenes

  Restore real battlefield actors to challenge the limit

  In order to restore the most realistic state of the volunteers on the battlefield, the actors challenged the limits during filming. On the premise of ensuring safety, they tried their best to actually shoot as much as possible, and then optimized the film later to achieve the best film effect.

Wu Jing, who played the company commander Wu Qianli, was blown to the center of his eyebrows during filming. If he shifted a little further, his eyes would be blown up.

Yi Yang Qianxi, who plays Wu Wanli, is not afraid of the explosion in front of her, and she is very calm.

Zhu Yawen, who played Mei Sheng's instructor, took the initiative to request to increase the amount of the explosives on his body: "Let me hurt more!" Li Chen, who played the platoon leader Yu Congrong, in order to show the state of hunger and cold on the battlefield, he ate snow to moisten his throat on the set ... Du Chun, who plays Camp Commander Zhang in the film, broke the news that in order to maintain his character status, Yi Yang Qianxi insisted on resting between filming and sat alone in the snow: "At that time, he was Wu Wanli's scarred appearance, and he was sitting there. It was really like Wu Wanli was sitting there."

  Text / reporter Xiao Yang

  Coordination / Man Yi