"Gardens and chivalry" cause the death of an Egyptian young man

Two Egyptians, in Al-Salam area in Cairo governorate, killed a young man, after he tried to reproach them for attacking the girls while they were leaving school.

The sister of the young victim said, "I am a brother who was working and with him a tuk-tuk like anyone who works and eats a living, and he was delivering a unit and saw two young men insulting two girls, and encroaching on them, so my brother came down from his tuk-tuk to talk to the young people, so they were annoyed by his words, and they suffocated with each other." .

She added, according to "Cairo 24", "My brother left these young men and left them, and went to the train chute in order to continue his work and deliver customers, but the two young men followed him by tuk-tuk, and they had white weapons, and they entered my brother's house, and when he saw them, he got off the tuk-tuk, and they proceeded to kill him with a sharp object."

The victim's sister demanded the right of her brother, "who left us because of his magnanimity and stubbornness."

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