China News Service, Beijing, February 9th (Xie Yanbing) In the past 18 years, he has turned his post three times, became attached to the Olympic Games twice, and spent 15 New Year's Eve at his post, dedicating his youth to peace.

She is Zhang Ling, a female police officer at the Qinghe Station Police Station of the Beijing Railway Public Security Department.

  Zhang Ling was born into a military family.

When she was a child, her father's heroic figure in military uniform made her yearn for guarding peace.

After graduating from university, Zhang Ling became a police officer in the Beijing Railway Public Security Department.

  In 18 years, she completed three job turns.

After arriving at the police camp, she first worked as a station policeman in the Beijing West Railway Station Police Station for 7 years.

In 2014, the Beijing Railway Public Security Department established the first female police dog team, and Zhang Ling was selected as the police dog trainer.

Zhang Ling counted the police's anti-epidemic supplies one by one.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau

  Every time the position turns, the work content is completely different.

Zhang Ling said with a smile, he didn't expect that after graduating from university, he would soon become a "student tyrant".

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, seize every opportunity, follow the experienced old policemen to go out to the police, and use the rest time to race against time to learn various laws, regulations and business knowledge.

  During the women's police dog work team, in order to complete the dog training work and put it into actual combat as soon as possible, Zhang Ling trained during the day, and found video materials to study repeatedly at night. Within a few months, her weight plummeted. Black" - a black Labrador retriever that has achieved good results in various training indicators.

  At the beginning of 2020, Zhang Ling was selected and transferred to the comprehensive command room of the Qinghe Station Police Station due to work needs to be responsible for the internal work.

There was one less heroic female police dog trainer on the training ground, but there was an additional policeman in the police station who trusted trust.

  Not only did he turn around three times, but Zhang Ling also became involved in the Olympics twice.

After the opening of the Winter Olympics, Qinghe Station, as an important security station for the Winter Olympics, will undertake a large number of athletes' pick-up and drop-off tasks during the Winter Olympics.

In order to ensure the safety of the Winter Olympics, the policemen put in high-intensity work to protect the safety of the station area, trains and passengers from morning to night. Zhang Ling is like a "little top" spinning around day and night.

Zhang Ling, a female police officer at the Qinghe Station Police Station of the Beijing Railway Public Security Department.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau

  She is either in the station area or in the warehouse every day, providing the most substantial logistical support for all comrades in arms who participate in the transfer mission of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Protective clothing, protective masks, masks, alcohol disinfectant... Every morning, Zhang Ling goes to each post to count the police's anti-epidemic supplies one by one, and make up for the ones that are missing.

  In order to do a good job in the security of the Winter Olympics and the prevention and control of the epidemic, she goes to work the earliest and leaves at the latest every day. According to the needs of each station police station, she walks through the warehouses filled with various supplies and quickly finds various anti-epidemic materials and daily necessities. And complete the inventory, sub-packaging, packaging, disinfection, and distribution to ensure that the materials are distributed to the police stations of various stations along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou line as soon as possible.

  She is happiest when she receives a call from the police station to receive supplies in the middle of the night every day.

Zhang Ling said: "Everyone has to stand in the cold wind and snow every day for the safety of the Winter Olympics. Compared with them, my work is nothing."

  The 2008 Beijing Olympics was the first time Zhang Ling became associated with Olympic security.

At that time, Zhang Ling, who had just started working not long ago, was transferred to the police dog team because of the need for work. After receiving a short professional training, he quickly devoted himself to the busy Olympic security work, and was responsible for carrying out all-weather dog search work at the station.

  At that time, the surface temperature of the station square was as high as 37 degrees. Zhang Ling bent down and stood up more than 10,000 times a day, gritted his teeth and insisted.

At the end of the day, the black SWAT uniform showed a circle of sweat stains.

  "Ensuring the absolute safety of the Olympic Games is our glorious mission, and being able to participate in the security work of the Olympic Games is not something every police officer can have the opportunity to meet." Zhang Ling said when talking about the hard work of security for the Olympic Games.

  In addition to the two Winter Olympics, Zhang Ling has been on duty for 15 New Year's Eves every year.

Day after day, the navy blue figures of her and the police are busy running around, reflecting the Spring Festival couplets just posted on the gate of the police station: "The iron police hero travels thousands of miles to send the Quartet peace, and the people's public security fights the wind and snow to protect the Winter Olympics."