Skin changes that help in early detection of breast cancer

 Like any other type of cancer, finding early symptoms of breast cancer can be lifesaving, and women often check the breast for any lump or deformity, when it comes to breast cancer, but there is another major set of tell-tale symptoms that can help diagnose breast cancer. Breast cancer early.

According to "The Sun".

“Breast self-exams can be an important way to diagnose breast cancer early,” says Dr. Sarah Kayat, Medical Ambassador for Superdrug.

Breast awareness means knowing what it looks like and what it feels like.

By examining your breasts regularly, you will be able to notice any changes quickly.

Early detection of breast cancer improves the chances of a full recovery.”

According to a report carried by "Russia Today", breast cancer usually has several different symptoms, the first of which is the appearance of a lump, and early symptoms of breast cancer can include worrying changes in the skin, which include:

 skin thickness

The NHS states that one of the first signs of breast cancer is the appearance of an area of ​​thickened breast tissue.

Experts say that the skin will become hard or elastic, and women may also experience lumps in the area where the skin is thickened. It is noteworthy that normal breast tissue varies in consistency for different women and can change during the menstrual cycle.


The appearance of "dimples" on the skin of the breast can be another sign of breast cancer.

If these dimples are caused by breast cancer, they may be warm and can swell.

A woman may feel pain in the breast when this symptom appears.


 Another symptom of breast cancer is the appearance of a rash on or around the nipple, and this rash is usually red or scaly and can sometimes resemble eczema, and the rash can also cause a feeling of itching, and for this reason it can sometimes be confused with eczema Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor if you have any of these signs.

The main symptoms of breast cancer

  •  A change in the size or shape of one or both breasts

  •  Discharge from either of the nipples, which may be stained with blood

  •  A lump or swelling in any of the armpits

  •  Change in the appearance of the nipple

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