People from all walks of life in Hong Kong and Macao praised the Beijing Winter Olympics——

"As a member of the Chinese nation, I am very happy and proud"

  The Beijing Winter Olympics, which arrived as scheduled, attracted the attention of the world, aroused the attention of Hong Kong and Macao society, and won wide acclaim from Hong Kong and Macao compatriots.

In the past few days, the mainstream media in Hong Kong and Macao have carried out extensive reports on the Beijing Winter Olympics. Whether it is the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics full of creative surprises or the exciting and exciting ice and snow events, all of them have set off a wave of Winter Olympics in Hong Kong and Macao.

Many associations also organized a variety of activities to create a festive atmosphere in Hong Kong and Macau.

By watching the live broadcast of the Winter Olympics, the general public cheered on the athletes, cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and praised China's confidence and strength.

Opening ceremony shows China's self-confidence

  "After 14 years, at the National Stadium, China once again presented a wonderful opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to the world. When the Olympic flame was lit, the audience was boiling. The opening ceremony demonstrates China's self-confidence and strength!" After the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao immediately published a commentary stating that Beijing has become a unique "Double Olympics" city in the world, and behind it are the Chinese people. The history of participating in the Olympic Games, bidding for the Olympic Games, and preparing for the Olympic Games is also a vivid epitome of the great leap that the Chinese nation has ushered in from standing up, becoming rich, and becoming strong. It is worthy of the pride of all Chinese people, including Hong Kong people.

  "Macao Daily" published an editorial that pointed out that the Chinese people, with their unique wisdom and perseverance, overcame various difficulties and presented a "simple, safe and exciting" Olympic event to the world.

The article said that from "one world, one dream" in 2008 to "together toward the future" in 2022, China has always been a firm pursuer and practitioner of the Olympic spirit of "unity and friendship, fair competition, and mutual understanding". .

The grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics also marks that the Chinese are more confident and calm in walking in the forefront of the times, reflecting the responsibility of a major country.

  Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po", "South China Morning Post", "Sing Tao Daily", "Hong Kong Economic Journal" and Macau's "Citizen Daily", "Li Bao" and other media also spoke highly of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics in their editorials or reports, saying that it was a wonderful event. The extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympics will surely enhance the firm confidence of Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and inspire all mankind to join hands to create a better future.

  Many Hong Kong and Macau citizens watched the live broadcast of the opening ceremony. They said that the opening ceremony, which is full of technology and environmental protection, creativity and surprises, was impressive and they were also very proud and proud.

As one of the torch bearers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jackie Chan, a famous Hong Kong film and television actor, wrote on his social platform after watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics: "As the Chinese Winter Olympic athletes entered the stadium, I followed the loud voice in front of the TV. Singing "Singing the Motherland" is extremely proud and proud!"

  After watching the opening ceremony, Liu Yahuang, President of the Association of Returned Overseas Chinese in Macau, was very proud and moved. He said: "As a member of the Chinese nation, we are very happy and proud. I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a successful and successful holding, and I hope that the national team athletes will be successful. get the best results.”

Exciting matches make people addicted

  The exciting and splendid ice and snow events at the Beijing Winter Olympics brought fresh visual experience to Hong Kong and Macao compatriots living in the south, making them addicted to their eyes and setting off a wave of ice and snow sports.

  In the Winter Olympics, curling competition is known as "Go on ice", which not only tests the physical fitness of the athletes, but also the wisdom and cooperation of the team.

Mr. Tan, a citizen of Macau, is very concerned about this. He said: "Curling is different in terms of competition rhythm, strategy and method. It is a competition that emphasizes the balance of cooperation, wisdom and skills." The master at the Winter Olympics The wonderful competition between them made him addicted to his eyes, and he also looked forward to the Chinese team to achieve better results in this sport in the future.

  The Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong organized online activities such as "Cheer for Hong Kong Olympic Athletes" to attract more Hong Kong citizens to pay attention to the Winter Olympics.

Lin Sen, president of the Hong Kong Youth Association, said that he prefers the short track speed skating event, because the whole competition is relatively compact and looks exciting and exciting, and this time, there are players from Hong Kong, China, so I am very concerned about it.

I hope they can achieve good results and win glory for Hong Kong, China.

  Ms. Yu, a resident of Macau, said that China is a major sports country, and the athletes of the national team have demonstrated their perseverance from preparation and training to participating in various competitions.

While watching the Winter Olympics, Macao citizens also felt and learned the unremitting and persevering fighting spirit of athletes.

  The Winter Olympics also set off a wave of ice and snow sports in Hong Kong and Macau.

Since the end of last year, MGM Macau has held 8 curling experience events, attracting more than 5,500 participants.

"Macau Daily" said in a signed commentary published recently that, thanks to the support and care of the central government, coupled with the promotion of the SAR government, the attention, participation and experience of Macao citizens to the Winter Olympics have been greatly enhanced.

It is believed that with the promotion of the "Winter Olympics fever", sports such as figure skating, curling and ice hockey in Macau will be further popularized.

The service of the event is efficient and considerate

  The efficient and heart-warming services provided by the Beijing Winter Olympics not only touched athletes from all over the world, but also touched netizens and journalists from Hong Kong and Macao.

Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" reporter Guo Zhengqian writes a "Reporter's Notes" every day to bring readers first-hand information about the Winter Olympics.

In Guo Zhengqian's view, the services of the Beijing Winter Olympics are all efficient and considerate, both in the venues and in the main media center.

The main media center not only incorporates a large number of technological and innovative elements, but also provides thoughtful services and facilities.

For example, "smart restaurants", from cooking to food delivery, are all handled by automated robots. In addition to ordinary Chinese and foreign dishes, even authentic delicacies such as Peking duck, dumplings, claypot rice and mala can be tasted.

In the "entertainment area", you can use virtual reality technology to experience the fun of winter sports, and you can also learn Tai Chi from the master through the screen.

20 sleeping and rest cabins provide media reporters with a warm space to take a nap.

"I believe that journalists from all over the world can feel the sincerity of the Beijing Winter Olympics from the efficient service and complete facilities of the main media center."

  Su Jiaohua, CEO of Hong Kong Xianshi Department Store, said that this Winter Olympics adheres to the concept of "green, sharing, openness and integrity". This concept is very good, very environmentally friendly, and has achieved sustainable development.

She thinks the mascots "Bing Dun Dun" and "Xue Rong Rong" are very cute.

  On major social platforms at home and abroad, there are more Hong Kong and Macao netizens who confessed "Bingdundun" and "Xue Rongrong", "I really want Bingdundun, wish the Olympic athletes good results", "Bingdundun is too cute, Beijing The Winter Olympics were more exciting than expected.” Simple words expressing support for the Beijing Winter Olympics and blessings to the country.

  Our reporter Wang Lingxi