A drunk truck driver rammed his trailer truck into dozens of parked cars in Fürth on Tuesday evening.

The 50-year-old left a path of destruction for several hundred meters.

Eventually he was arrested.

"I have never experienced such a devastation scenario," said a spokesman for the Central Franconia police headquarters of the dpa.

“One can only imagine the force with which the truck drove there.

It could have been a nightmare scenario if there had been more pedestrians around there.” Three people were slightly injured, including the driver himself.

According to the police, a total of 31 cars were damaged.

The drunk "rammed it, touched it, pushed it in front of him and pushed it into a house," the spokesman said.

Several cars were on fire.

There are clear signs of fire on one house, windows have shattered and shutters have melted.

The fire brigade put out the fires.

Because of the low temperatures, the residents of the damaged house were provided with a bus where they could stay.

The driver, who measured around two per thousand breath alcohol, initially apparently drove through an intersection when it was red, the spokesman said.

He then crashed into a car, the driver of which was slightly injured.

Nevertheless, he drove on and probably accelerated.

A passer-by was able to get to safety and was also slightly injured.

The 50-year-old is now to be presented to an investigating judge.

He may be in custody.

Investigated for hit-and-run and assault.