(Beijing Winter Olympics) Hong Kong people watch the Beijing Winter Olympics to cheer for the players from the two places

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, February 9 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.

On February 9, Hong Kong athlete Jin Hexiao played in the women's slalom in alpine skiing, taking the lead for the Chinese Hong Kong team.

People from all walks of life in Hong Kong have been following the Winter Olympics in recent days, watching the opening ceremony and various events, and cheering for the athletes of the two places.

  Since the athletes from Hong Kong, China achieved impressive results in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and set off a sports boom in Hong Kong, the attention of Hong Kong people to Hong Kong athletes has remained high, and the popularity has continued to the 2022 Winter Olympics being held in Beijing.

It is reported that the Hong Kong delegation of China sent 3 athletes to participate in the Winter Olympics, including Zhu Dingwen, Jin Hexiao, and Weng Houquan, the largest number of participants ever.

  Fok Qigang, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee of China, admitted to a reporter from China News Agency that due to the epidemic and official business, it was a pity that he could not go to Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics in person. After watching the opening ceremony, "I still remember watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and I thought it was very exciting. In the opening ceremony of this year's Winter Olympics, I saw the combination of technology and green, and unique creativity." Huo Qigang said that he has held successively for Beijing. Proud of the Summer and Winter Olympics.

  As for various events, "sports fan" Huo Qigang has not fallen behind. He likes to watch short track speed skating competitions, and he calls it "very exciting". What attracts him to this event is that "it's not just about speed, but also about winning." Strategy".

Huo Qigang also praised the Chinese athlete Gu Ailing's dazzling performance on the field and the mature response to reporters' questions.

  "Of course, I am also very concerned about our athletes in Hong Kong." For example, young players Jin Hexiao, Huo Qigang admitted that he heard that she was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia earlier and worried that she would not be able to participate in the competition. Fortunately, Jin Hexiao's recovery did not affect the competition.

It is a pity that Jin and Xiao made mistakes in the competition on the 9th, but Huo Qigang thought it was okay, "This is also a learning experience for her."

  Fok Qigang clearly felt that compared with previous years, Hong Kong people's attention to the Winter Olympics is increasing.

The most obvious is the live broadcast of the event by multiple TV stations, which in his view will help bring the Winter Olympics and Hong Kong closer.

"It is not easy to train an athlete in Hong Kong. They have been training in the Mainland and abroad for many years, and Hong Kong citizens are very supportive of them." He told reporters that there is also a group for legislators to share news of the competition every day and cheer for the athletes. .

  Regarding the future development of ice and snow sports in Hong Kong, Fok Qigang pointed out that the bottleneck lies in the venue. "At present, there is no international standard ice rink in Hong Kong for training and competition." If the SAR government can consider the construction of a standard ice rink, it will be conducive to curling, The development of short track speed skating, figure skating and other projects.

At the same time, Huo Qigang also suggested to have more talent exchanges with the Chinese national team.

  Miss Lee, a Hong Kong citizen, said frankly: "I haven't seen the Winter Olympics before, and I don't know much about the competition." But because the Winter Olympics is held in her own country, she has seen a lot of popular science information on social software and learned the rules of the competition. , "starting to see the fun".

Miss Lee will follow the events she is interested in, such as short track speed skating and figure skating. "I am cheering for Hong Kong athletes and I am also excited for the Chinese national team to win a medal."

  Xu Tianci, a university student from Hong Kong, and relatives watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics in front of the TV. When they saw the entry of the Chinese Hong Kong delegation, "Although it was only a dozen seconds of footage, my heart was really surging." He described this kind of Pride is twofold. On the one hand, we are proud to host the Winter Olympics in the capital of our motherland, and on the other hand, we are honored that athletes from our hometown can stand on the world stage of the Olympic Games.

  Xu Tianci is very concerned about the three Hong Kong athletes. "The most important thing is not whether they can win medals for Hong Kong, but their participation will inject some new impetus into Hong Kong." For example, it will drive the enthusiasm of Hong Kong citizens for the Winter Olympics.

Xu Tianci said frankly that in Hong Kong, where there is no snow all year round and every inch of land is expensive, the threshold for contacting ice and snow sports is high, and people have fewer opportunities to experience it.

He believes that the participation of the three athletes is an opportunity to make ice and snow sports well known in Hong Kong, and even gradually participate.