Less carbon and more wind for shipping

Sailing freighter prototype.

The sailing freight transport company TOWT announced on July 16, 2020 the launch of a European tender for the construction by 2024 of four 70-meter sailing freighters.

© Handout / TOWT and the H&T naval architecture / AFP

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As the ocean summit in Brest opens this Wednesday, the question of maritime transport is one of the major challenges for decarbonizing the seas and the planet.

Today, it represents 90% of global freight trade, which is equivalent to more than one billion tonnes of CO2/year.

And the traffic is constantly increasing.

If nothing is done, the CO2 emissions of these merchant ships could increase by 50% by 2050. 


To overcome this, a sector is emerging, it brings up to date maritime transport by sail, and in France, it is in Brittany, land of sailors, that it has its source. 

"Less carbon and more wind for maritime transport" is a great report by Anne Verdaguer.

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