An escort officer at the Imperial Guard Headquarters, who is the escort for the Emperor's family, was arrested last month for stealing a customer's jacket at a pachinko parlor in Tokyo.

In response to the investigation, he admitted that he was "in trouble with money."

The person arrested was Shinji Suzuki, a 45-year-old inspector at the Imperial Guard Headquarters.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there is a suspicion of theft at two pachinko parlors in Ueno, Taito-ku, on the 1st of last month, alleging that they stole three jackets of a customer who was on a chair.

Since it was identified from the video of a security camera at a pachinko parlor, he admitted that he was "in trouble with money" in the investigation.

The jacket was brought to a nearby thrift shop and sold for a total of 13,000 yen, so the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.

Inspector Suzuki belongs to the Escort Division 1, which is the escort of the Emperor's family, and the Imperial Guard Headquarters commented, "It is regrettable that the staff was arrested. doing.