China News Service, Zhanjiang, February 9 (Liang Sheng, Liu Yulin, and Cao Peng) On the morning of the 9th, a freighter sank in water about 7 nautical miles offshore from Xinliao Island in Xuwen, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, and 6 crew members fell into the water.

  According to the introduction of the Zhanjiang Maritime Safety Administration, the Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Center urgently coordinated the search and rescue. At present, all the crew members in distress have been rescued, and no oil spill has been found in the waters near the sunken ship. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

  It is understood that the Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Center received a report on the morning of the 9th. At 9:50 that day, the ship "Hongxin 838" found a cargo ship named "Shitai XXX" in the waters near the north entrance of the Wailuo Waterway in Xuwen, Zhanjiang. The water sank, some crew members fell into the water, and the scene was windy and rough.

  After receiving the report, the Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Center immediately activated the emergency plan, verified the danger information, organized and coordinated the nearby ship "Hongxin 838" to go to the waters near the sunken ship for rescue, and coordinated with the Zhanjiang Maritime Affairs, Coast Guard, Fishery Administration, and Rescue Bureau to send "Sea Patrol". 0925", "China Coast Guard 21505", "China Coast Guard 21025", "South China Sea Rescue 311" and other 8 ships went to the waters of the incident for search and rescue.

  At about 9:45, five crew members were rescued by the ship "Hongxin 838".

At about 10:5, another crew member drifting on the sea was rescued by a nearby fishing boat.

So far, all six crew members of the ship in distress have been rescued.

At 13:45, Zhanjiang maritime staff safely transferred the distressed crew members on the fishing boat to the "Haixun 0925" ship.

At 15:35, the five crew members rescued by the ship "Hongxin 838" were transferred safely.