Following the arson of a clinic in a building in Osaka that killed 25 people, a meeting of experts was held on the 8th to consider measures for fire and evacuation.

Last December, a clinic entering a building in Kita-ku, Osaka was set on fire, killing 25 people involved.

In the case, the suspect sprinkled gasoline and ignited the building, and the building had only one staircase. The first meeting was held privately on the 8th.

Among them, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications reported that measures stipulated by law such as fire extinguishers were taken in the building at the site, the flame spread violently due to gasoline, and it seems that many people could not evacuate. rice field.

It is difficult for the committee members to prevent malicious arson with gasoline by the Fire Service Act and the Building Standards Act, and even though cases like this one are not subject to the law, it is not appropriate for the country to do nothing. It is said that they confirmed that they would consider a wide range of countermeasures.

The study group will continue discussions and hope to compile a report around June.

Professor Kyoichi Kobayashi of Tokyo University of Science, who acts as the deputy chair of the study group, said, "We have a common idea that we should take some action in response to the incident, but we should carefully consider whether or not to establish regulations, considering the burden on society. I want to go. "