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On the one hand, there is

a boy barely two years old

who has a heart condition and must undergo an emergency operation.

On the other, there are his parents

: an anti-vaccine couple from Modena

(Italy) who do not sign the consent for any blood transfusion unless that blood comes from someone not vaccinated against Covid.

Given the situation, the Sant'Orsola polyclinic in Bologna, in charge of treating the child, has turned to a tutelary judge of the Court of Modena to give him the green light to operate, despite the opposition of his parents.

The judge will rule in the next few hours on the matter, but in the meantime the Bologna Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, led by Silvia Marzocchi, has filed an appeal with the Juvenile Court to establish a limitation of parental responsibility.

Parents believe that through a blood transfusion the vaccine given to the donor can be transmitted to the recipient, a belief supported by the most extreme sectors of the anti-vaccines.

According to the Ansa agency, this theory could derive from false news that has proliferated about vaccines being obtained from embryos.

The parents are so convinced of this thesis that they began looking for blood donors among their unvaccinated friends and acquaintances and through various Telegram chats they got about 40 possible candidates.

However, at the end of January the hospital filed an appeal with the guardianship judge of the Court of Modena because the doctors treating the child believe "that the planned surgery cannot be postponed given the

extreme critical situation

in which the child finds himself and, therefore, it is necessary to obtain the necessary consent to proceed with the hospitalization and surgery of the minor", according to what can be read in the letter of his lawyer.

Yesterday the judge took a statement from the family, which is represented by the lawyer Ugo Bertaglia, a member of Forza Nuova in Modena and his deliberation will soon be known.

The president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli, has appealed to parents, asking them to trust the doctors who are treating their child.

"The protocols that regulate donations do not allow the donor to be chosen and are prepared that way so that the processes are safe. In addition, there is no danger of receiving blood from donors vaccinated against Covid," he says.

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