Grand Theft Auto 

fans have been 

waiting for this moment for almost ten years.

Rockstar Games, the game's publisher, announced on Friday that a new


is well in the works.

“We are pleased to confirm that development of the next installment in the

Grand Theft Auto

series is well underway,” writes Rockstar Games, owned by US industry giant Take-Two Interactive.

The New York-based studio gives no release date and no information on this

Grand Theft Auto 6



was released in 2013.

230 million copies sold worldwide

Since the very first installment in the series, in 1997, the game has been as popular as it has been criticized for its violence, allowing the player to play as criminals speeding in their big cars in similar settings in New York, San Francisco or Miami. . 

Grand Theft Auto

is known as the only game to have received an Adults Only rating.

230 million copies of franchise-related games have been sold worldwide.

Rockstar Games also announces that

Grand Theft Auto V 


Grand Theft Auto Online

 will be available on next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S game consoles starting March 15.

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