[New Year's Chronicle] More than 100 sets of Nanjing New Year's Supplies unveiled: Telling the joy of Nanjing people's Chinese New Year

  During the Spring Festival, the Nanjing Folk Customs (Intangible Cultural Heritage) Museum of Jiangsu Province launched the "Renyin Talking about the Tiger - Old Nanjing New Year's Customs Exhibition", focusing on the collection of tiger-related New Year pictures, porcelain, weaving and embroidery and other folk customs that reflect the style of Nanjing people's New Year. More than 100 sets of supplies.

  Exhibits such as tiger head hats, tiger head apron, lucky money, and cloth business card bags appeared one by one, showing the Nanjing New Year's custom culture to the audience at close range.

(Reporter Ge Yong)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]