If Hailey Bieber wants children with Justin, she feels absolutely no rush to start a family.

"I think, ideally, we should try in the next two years," she told

WSJ Magazine

, before qualifying her prognosis.

"And there's a good reason for saying try, isn't there?"

You never know how long it will take,” she added.

Obviously, Hailey Bieber is well aware that after almost four years of marriage with her pop star husband, everyone is impatiently awaiting good news.

Still young

But precisely, the young woman is somewhat embarrassed by this external pressure and she does everything to remove this preconceived idea from the mind even though her schedule still seems to her to be very incompatible with a pregnancy.

“That's what happens to women when they get married.

Everyone assumes that: first comes love, then marriage, then comes the baby.

Alright, but what do we do with all the stuff I want to accomplish on the pro side?

“, she continued.

“I think it was put into my head that I was going to want kids right away and I was going to want them super, super young.

I just turned 25 and I'm like, "I'm still super, super young!"

“, continued Hailey Bieber.

So we will have understood, it will still be necessary to be patient before seeing the Bieber family expand!


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