“Next week the weather will be determined by a new Atlantic cyclone, which will bring us a portion of heat and the next portion of snow.

The influence of this cyclone will begin to affect tomorrow evening.

On Sunday, at night, the temperature will still be quite low, and the daytime temperature will stay at -5 ... -7 ˚С.

And this will be the last significant frosty day of the upcoming period, ”said the specialist.

According to the meteorologist, "already on Monday night it will become significantly warmer."

“In Moscow, the night temperature is -5…-7 ˚С, and the daytime temperature will rise to -1…+1 ˚С.

This is expected to be the first February thaw.

On Tuesday, snow can be received at times.

On average 2-4 mm in the region.

The air temperature in the center will remain around -3…+1 ˚С,” Pozdnyakova noted.

She indicated that there would be little snow in the following days.

The temperature during Wednesday and Thursday will be the same, about -4 ... +1 ˚С both at night and during the day.

“That is, our air temperature will be 5-6˚C higher than the climatic norm,” the forecaster concluded.

Earlier, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Alexander Sinenkov, predicted changeable weather in the capital region over the weekend.