[Beijing Winter Olympics] Beijing Municipal Health Commission: The current situation of epidemic prevention and control in the capital is generally controllable and stable

  On February 5th, the 2022 Beijing News Center held a special press conference on Beijing city service guarantee. Wang Jianhui, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission and spokesman, introduced when talking about Beijing's epidemic prevention and control work. A team of "100 epidemiological investigation experts" and an epidemiological team of 3,600 people in the city were recruited to clarify the transmission chain in a timely manner through epidemiological investigation, big data comparison, nucleic acid detection, dynamic detection of serum antibodies, and whole-genome sequencing analysis. , quickly identify the source of the epidemic, and ensure that the spread of the epidemic is cut off within the two longest incubation periods.

  In terms of precise prevention and control, Beijing adheres to the scientific and precise division of sealed and controlled areas, control areas, and prevention areas to minimize the impact on residents' lives and social order; it has continued to improve its nucleic acid detection capabilities. Less than 5,000 copies increased to 1.563 million copies, and the number of nucleic acid sampling points reached 400; the new crown vaccination work continued to be strengthened.

Up to now, the city has vaccinated 58.6369 million doses and 22.6556 million people.

In terms of medical treatment, the number of negative pressure wards in the city has increased to 1420, and the number of negative pressure ambulances has increased to 197.

  Wang Jianhui said that all cases were treated in designated municipal hospitals, isolated and treated in a single room, with a multidisciplinary expert group for collective consultation and consultation, adhered to both Chinese and Western medicine, implemented the "one person, one policy" diagnosis and treatment plan, and went all out to improve the treatment effect.

  Wang Jianhui pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in the capital is generally controllable and is stabilizing for the better. We will unswervingly adhere to the general strategy of "foreign defense against imports and internal defense against rebound", adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearing", and press and consolidate the Quartet. Responsibility, strengthen remote control and normalize internal screening.

Continue to do a good job in the screening and control of risk personnel, strictly implement the policy of entering and returning to Beijing, strengthen the standardized management and service guarantee of centralized medical observation points, closed and controlled areas, and control areas, and strictly prevent the risk of epidemic transmission.

(Reporter Liu Chao made Yue Ziyan)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]