How not to drown under the weight of the responsibilities and constraints of everyday life?

Prince Harry has the solution: take time for yourself.

And he even sets an example by lifting the veil on his everyday life.

“One of the children has gone to school.

The other is taking a nap.

You have a break in your program.

Like playing sports, going out to walk the dog, going for a nature walk, or maybe meditating,” Archie and Lilibet’s dad says in a chat with Serena Williams at the event she was hosting. with his company BetterUp.

Prince Charles' son says he takes 30-45 minutes every morning to focus on himself.


Prince Harry also suggests that he does not only apply this rule to himself, but also to the employees of the foundation he created with his wife, Meghan Markle.

Giving workers free time “increases their potential, their performance at work and also at home”.

A win-win attitude because "as an employer, you are thanked, you get more out of me than you might think, but you also create more opportunities for these individuals when they come home by allowing them to be there for their friends and their community, to be the parent they should be for their children.

So it's a full cycle which ultimately means everyone around you benefits.

This is my point of view,” he concludes.

Who would have thought that the grandson of Queen Elisabeth II shared the same point of view as Philippe Poutou, NPA candidate in the presidential election, who defends the 28-hour week over four days and the establishment of a sixth week of paid vacation...


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