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After exceeding the barrier of one million cases for a few days in January, the omicron variant of the coronavirus has entered a downward curve in the United States that could be announcing the end of the pandemic.

The latest data indicates that the drop in the number of positives has occurred in all but one state, Alabama.

The decrease

is 38%

compared to last week.

The drop is also widespread at the level of hospitalizations throughout the country, with

122,627 people or 16% less

than seven days ago, with the White House still pressing for the unvaccinated population to finally take the step.

More than 25% have the complete guideline against Covid and the booster dose, but only 64% of Americans are protected against the virus.

Resistance in some parts of the country is fierce.



, the only point in the national geography where cases are still on the rise, only half the population has been vaccinated, with a rate below the average for the rest of the country, even among those over 65 years of age.

19% have not yet chosen to be inoculated.

Despite the good news in almost all of the United States, health authorities still warn that it is early to lower our guard, with the average number of deaths on the rise.

Every day 2,441 people lose their lives to Covid, according to data from Johns Hopkins University,

7% more than last week


At this rate, the forecast is that

900,000 deaths will be exceeded in a few hours

, the highest number in the world and a considerable distance from the second, India, about to exceed the barrier of half a million deaths.

Still, the feeling is one of hope in various parts of the country.

In Texas they feel that the worst is over, after reaching a peak in hospitalizations on January 20 and having intensive care units overloaded.

The omicron wave has not managed to overcome what was experienced with delta or match the records of the winter of 2020, when

14,218 people

were hospitalized .

"We're optimistic. We're breathing a little easier this week," said

James Versalovic

, chief medical officer at Children's Hospital Houston.

"We see light at the end of the tunnel, but it is a long tunnel. We are looking forward to March."

In California, Los Angeles County said Thursday that it is considering

eliminating mandatory mask-wearing

outdoors if hospital admissions continue to drop.

Currently 3,400 patients are admitted throughout the county, far from the omicron peak, 29% higher.

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