2018 was a particularly trying year for Lena Dunham.

Her creative collaboration with


showrunner Jenni Konner was coming to an end, as was her romantic relationship with Jack Antonoff, and she was undergoing a hysterectomy to end the pain caused by her endometriosis.

Finally, she entered rehab to treat an addiction to anxiolytics, including Klonopin, a drug based on benzodiazepines.

Now completely sober, Lena Dunham is able to look back on this dark period of her life, and shed light on the reasons for a real nervous collapse.

“I've been through a lot of complicated things in my adult life.

Getting off Klonopin was probably the hardest part,” she told

The Hollywood Reporter

, adding that she was prescribed the drug when she was 12.

But Lena Dunham's addiction to the drug really took on worrying proportions while filming the last of six seasons of


, which began airing in the spring of 2017.

a pileup

A period that Lena Dunham readily describes as “a pileup between 50 cars”.

At the time, the actress and screenwriter known for her feminist commitment defended the series' executive producer, Murray Miller, accused of rape by actress Aurora Perrineau.

Lena Dunham then claimed to have information discrediting the accusations of the actress, before retracting and admitting that she had lied to protect the producer.

"These images of me at the last Girls


, all thin and glassy-eyed, it was 100% my appetite and my body shutting down in response to that," she said.

Now, Lena Dunham is much better.

She returns with a new film,

Sharp Stick

, in which she tackles a subject that is particularly close to her heart as the plot follows a 17-year-old girl who undergoes a hysterectomy.

Movie theater

Lena Dunham made a film during confinement in all discretion

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