Recently, Ms. Qi from Shanghai reported to The Paper Quality Report Complaint Platform ( that on January 23, 2022, she ordered a takeaway through the platform, and in one of the items A piece of nails was eaten in the middle, although the merchant has refunded the price of the item, but did not give any explanation for the situation.

  On January 26, The Paper contacted the person in charge of the store about this matter. The other party said that there had never been a similar situation before. He was deeply sorry for Ms. Qi eating her nails in the takeaway, and will contact consumers as soon as possible. Negotiate compensation.

  On the afternoon of January 27, Ms. Qi told The Paper that the business had apologized to her and paid 300 yuan in compensation.

Consumer Complaints:

  Ms. Qi said that on January 23, 2022, she took care of the sick child in the hospital with her sister Ms. Lu, and ordered a takeaway through the platform.

The order included two street bowl fins, five deep-sea cuttlefish balls, six spicy fish balls and one fried beef balls, totaling 78.3 yuan, but during the meal, one of the bowls of fins was eaten. nail.

  Ms. Qi said that she immediately submitted a refund application for two bowls of wings on the platform. Although the merchant agreed to the refund of the item in the order, a total of 39.98 yuan, but did not give her any explanation. .

  "It's really disgusting. I still want to vomit when I think about it." Ms. Qi believes that as a chain store, food safety awareness should not be so poor, and businesses should pay more attention to food safety issues.

At the same time, she hopes that the businessmen can apologize to her and make corresponding compensations in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety Law.

Business response:

  On January 26, The Paper contacted the merchants involved in this matter.

The person in charge of the store said that because the customer agreed to the refund as soon as the customer applied for the refund on the same day, he was busy with various trivial matters in the store afterwards and failed to apologize to the consumer in time.

As for the reason for the appearance of nails, it may be carried in a certain raw material for production, but there are many raw materials in Wanzai Wing, and the exact reason cannot be obtained without verification.

  The person in charge said that there has never been a case of "eating nails" in the store, and has always attached great importance to food safety issues. This time is an accidental incident.

They will contact consumers as soon as possible, negotiate the amount of compensation with consumers and apologize to consumers.

  On the afternoon of January 27, 2022, Ms. Qi told The Paper that the merchant had apologized to her, and the two parties reached an agreement that the merchant agreed to pay 300 yuan in compensation.

Lawyer says:

  Regarding Ms. Qi's complaint, Xie Zhanfei, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi (Shanghai) Law Firm, believes that according to Article 148 of the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", the production of food that does not meet the food safety standards or the operation knowingly does not meet the food safety standards. In addition to claiming compensation for losses, consumers may also request from producers or operators to pay ten times the price or three times the losses; if the amount of additional compensation is less than one thousand yuan, it is one thousand yuan.

  Intern Jiang Yujing surging news reporter Lv Xinwen