• Last Sunday, M6 broadcast a "Forbidden Zone" on radical Islam partly shot in Roubaix.

  • A sequence showing faceless dolls sold in a store caused a strong reaction.

  • A few days later, it is an illustration of faceless police officers used on Facebook by the municipal police which challenges Internet users.


Forbidden Zone

report  on radical Islamism, largely shot in Roubaix, never ends up coming back to the forefront of the news in this northern city of 98,000 inhabitants. Thursday, it was the community manager of the local police Facebook page who handed over a layer despite himself.


20 Minutes

had already noted in a previous article, the Roubaix municipal police Facebook page is very active.

To report on their action with the inhabitants, the police publish several posts every day detailing certain interventions, “the most significant”, told us the director general of security, Christian Belpaire.

For Thursday alone, there were six, including one relating to the arrest of a man who had just committed a burglary.

“Ah there you did strong”

However, it was not the content of the post that caught the attention of Internet users, but rather the illustration used.

This is a 3D image representing a policeman arresting an individual, both faceless.

"I'm not saying anything but be careful with your figurines you could have a visit from M6", commented Sorena.

“Ah, you did well, following the bad publicity on Roubaix and our famous faceless dolls.

I think this image is misplaced,” laments Amar.

Both, and other Internet users, refer to the sequence of the report of

Zone interdict

where the journalists show faceless dolls sold in a toy store in Roubaix.

The saleswoman then explained that for Islam, any figurative representation of the human being was prohibited.

The boss of the municipal police was quick to react.

“This image has already been used in our publications without being reproached for it,” he says.


Roubaix: Does the city really have 40% of inhabitants of the Muslim faith?


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