An Egyptian broadcaster in "Russia Today" was taken to hospital after being beaten in a clinic

Security forces in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, are continuing their investigations to uncover the fact that Amal El-Hanawy, the presenter of Russia Today, was beaten inside a famous beauty clinic in Maadi.

The Al-Basateen Department received a report from the media, Amal Al-Hanawi, from the presenter of Russia Today, of her detention and assault inside a beauty clinic in the Algiers region in the Al-Basateen Police Department. She had abrasions all over her body, according to "Akhbar Al-Youm" newspaper.

The security services moved to the scene of the incident, and it turned out that a famous doctor and two nurses were beating up the media, when she demanded that they return a sum of money she had paid due to the doctor’s failure to comply with the instructions and requests of the announcer.

The security services in Cairo are continuing their investigations into the incident, and the surveillance cameras in the clinic that witnessed the incident are being unloaded, and the statements of the informant are heard in order to find out the truth of the incident.

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