This is what happened to the woman who tried to save escaped Corona monkeys in Pennsylvania

Little did Michelle Fallon know that the monkeys who tried and helped save her could pose health risks to her.

Fallon jumped out of her car to help when she saw a pickup truck carrying 100 macaques crash into another truck on a state highway outside Danville, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

"I thought I was doing the right thing by helping out," Fallon told local TV station WBRE.

But when I began to look at the dozens of boxes that had fallen from the truck, and encountered one of

the raging monkeys, Fallon was concerned when officials warned citizens not to approach the 4 monkeys that escaped during the accident, because they may transmit diseases.

Fallon contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff, who told her to take immediate precautions.

She said, according to "Al", "I was close to the monkeys, I touched the boxes, and I walked through their excrement, I was very close. So I called to ask, am I safe?"

Fallon chose to go to the hospital because she had a cut to her hand and had started to develop symptoms of pink eye, which she feared might be related to monkeys.

She was given an initial dose of the rabies vaccine, and was told to take antiviral medication for the next two weeks.

When she decided to stop and help, Fallon said, the driver never warned her about the dozens of monkeys, nor did he tell her: "Don't hold the trunk." keenness."

A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said all 100 monkeys had been reported by Saturday afternoon, and 3 of those monkeys had been killed for undisclosed causes.

The local news website "WNIB" reported, quoting the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that the escaped animals were euthanized.

The "CDC" told the site that the monkeys "landed" Friday in New York from Mauritius.

The site indicated that a police helicopter equipped with thermal cameras were used to track the monkeys, while the elements on the ground used powerful flashlights.

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