[New Year's Chronicle] Qufu, Shandong: "the first family in the world" has a strong New Year's taste and sticks the Spring Festival couplets in front of the gate of the Confucius House to welcome the new year

  [Explanation] On January 25th, on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, in 2022, the "Confucius House Celebrates the New Year and Fortune Chinese Year" small year welcome event will be held in Qufu Confucius House.

  [Same period at the scene] It's New Year's Eve, we welcome Fu, Lu, and Shou Samsung.

  [Explanation] With the cheerful sound of gongs and drums, the gate of the Confucius House slowly opened.

Fu, Lu, and Shou Samsung sent New Year's blessings to the tourists at the scene.

Sticking Spring Festival couplets, extending New Year pictures, sticking "door gods", sacrificial exhibitions and other traditional New Year customs, you can feel the different "New Year flavor" of "the first family in the world".

  [Explanation] In front of the gate of Confucius Mansion in Qufu, Shandong, Kong Xiangsheng, the 75th generation grandson of Confucius, splashed ink on the spot, and the Spring Festival couplets exclusive to the gate of Confucius Mansion were completed in one go.

At the same time, he also sent the word "Fu" to citizens and tourists.

  [Concurrent] Kong Xiangsheng, the 75th generation grandson of Confucius

  The Spring Festival couplets we are writing now are based on the spring couplets of the 24th and 25th years of Qianlong (Qing Dynasty), and I write them every year.

During the epidemic this year, we also paid more attention to our Spring Festival couplets, which were more prosperous and festive.

In addition, the words used in the Spring Festival couplets of the Confucius House are very gorgeous and luxurious, and the Spring Festival couplets are particular about being taller.

Because the building of the Confucius Mansion is very tall, the couplets on the gate of our Confucius Mansion are basically fixed (content).

  [Explanation] Kong Xiangsheng told reporters that since 1998, the Confucius House has resumed the custom of pasting Spring Festival couplets.

The Spring Festival couplets of the Confucius Mansion pay attention to fine paper and ink and dignified fonts.

  [Concurrent] Kong Xiangsheng, the 75th generation grandson of Confucius

  The Confucius Mansion was built as a "front house and back house", and the couplets in front still reflect the wealth and grandeur of the Confucius family.

The Spring Festival couplets in the inner house of the Confucius Mansion are more casual, with more content such as praying for blessings, receiving auspiciousness, and congratulating birthdays, which sets off the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

  [Explanation] In front of Chongguang Gate, the 76th generation grandson of Confucius and the family of Kong Lingshao, a national civilized family, posted festive Confucius Mansion Spring Festival couplets and door gods, embellishing the solemn Confucius Mansion with a bright and festive color.

Kong Lingshao believes that the customs of Confucius and folks celebrating the Spring Festival are all conducive to the generation of people's feelings of family and country, and are of great significance to national cultural identity and cultural self-confidence.

  [Concurrent] Kong Lingshao, the 76th generation grandson of Confucius, Chairman of Qufu Chinese Culture Promotion Association

  The New Year's Etiquette, the Confucius Mansion and the folks are similar, and the traditional Chinese culture is very solemnly reflected in the New Year.

Traditional culture has three layers of connotation. The first one is the vivid cultural elements that permeate our production and life. If you paste Spring Festival couplets on New Year's Eve, this is the cultural element.

The second point is the cultural classics condensed with these cultural elements.

The third point is the value concept, aesthetic orientation and psychological identity rooted in the hearts of members of the nation.

It uses some carriers, and these carriers are cultural elements.

How the feelings of family and country are generated can only be generated during the sacrificial process of the New Year (time).

  [Explanation] In front of the lobby of Confucius Mansion, there is also a market exhibition that gathers intangible cultural heritage such as regular carvings, silk flowers, cloth tigers, and dough sculptures.

Hu Wei, from Anyang, Henan, has been working in Guangzhou for a long time. Today, he brought his family to Qufu to experience a different atmosphere of the Confucius Mansion's New Year activities.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Hu Wei

  It is very memorable to spend the new year in the Confucius Mansion.

Because more than 20 years ago, I visited the Confucius Mansion, and I feel that the present Confucius Mansion is different from that of 20 years ago.

This time I came to Xiaonian and it felt lively. There are many (aspects) in the culture (atmosphere) here. I feel that I can enjoy the atmosphere of the New Year, feel a sense of homecoming, and relieve my nostalgia.

It reminds us of Confucius, the teacher of all ages, because our Confucianism has been in circulation for more than two thousand years, and our Chinese culture has a long history.

  [Explanation] The series of activities of "Confucius's New Year and Chinese New Year of Fortune" have been successfully held for four sessions, starting from New Year's Day and continuing to Lantern Festival.

  (Reported by Zhang Shun in Qufu, Shandong)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]