[Commentary] On January 25, two new white tiger cubs in Guangzhou Chimelong Wildlife World officially met with tourists.

The white tiger siblings were born in December 2021. They are a pair of twins. As soon as the two little treasures appeared, they had cute blue eyes and white fluff, and they were not very stable walking posture, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

  [Explanation] The animal caregiver measured the body lengths of the two siblings, checked the body temperature, and looked at the growth of the teeth, but the two brothers and sisters didn't stop for a moment, which made the caregiver a lot of effort, even though it was just the full moon. But the little tiger can't wait to explore the outside world.

However, according to conservation experts, it is not easy for the two cute babies to have such a good vitality now. They were not in a good state when they were just born, especially the white tiger sister who was injured.

  [Concurrent period] Chen Siming, conservation expert of Chimelong Wildlife World

  When they were born at that time, their weight would be underweight. Normally, tigers are born between 1000 and 1200 grams, which is quite normal. They are just under 1000 grams, so for tigers, this weight is underweight. Their resistance is also slightly weaker. (Sister Baihu) It still has a problem, that is to say, when its mother gave birth to it, it was pressed a little, and a little pressure would put a certain degree of pressure on its digestive tract. There was a bit of bleeding, so we took special care.

  [Explanation] After the comprehensive care of the nursery staff, the two siblings are now in good health and have full physical development.

Conservation experts have worked hard on the food to provide the brothers and sisters with the most suitable ingredients, and they have now grown to 1770 grams and 1740 grams respectively.

  [Concurrent period] Chen Siming, conservation expert of Chimelong Wildlife World

  At present, their weight gain is about 100 grams per day. At present, we have already fed them meat, which is to process chicken into minced meat, and let them eat about ten to twenty grams per day. After that, it will be three months. As they age, we reduce the amount of milk, and then let them eat meat entirely.

  [Explanation] Although they are still new-born tigers, the two brothers and sisters have shown their differences in character. The lively and active brother always "bully" the younger sister, while the younger sister is much more well-behaved.

Next, conservation experts will continue to monitor the health of the little white tigers, and at the right time, they will also usher in a wider living space.

  [Concurrent period] Chen Siming, conservation expert of Chimelong Wildlife World


  记者 王庆然 邹思瑶 广州报道